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Polli85 328

Sooo, newest restricted list was a bit harsh for Tyrell and we need some substitutes. Oldtown will be our restricted card because...well, giving power and cards is good.

With this deck you will be swimming in cards (and gold) most of the time. Mace Tyrell is absolutely great in giving both of this. His ability will also give you knowledge about your topmost card of the deck for Oldtown. Bonus points if you put Alla back on your deck. More knowledge comes from Hightower Spies and Mark Mullendore.

You will also need some tools for character removal. Using Pinch might need a little bit more work comparing to House Florent Knights but Tyrell is very well suited to use the Powder. It also is way more reusable than HFKs and does not need a specific plot.

Wanna change some stuff? Varys Riddle is my flex plot which can easily be another plot. Additionally, Alla and Mark Mullendore are somewhat experimental here. Queen of Thorns also isn't always useful - maybe you want Varys, big Brienne or King Renlys Host?

Just make sure that you share your insights here. :-)

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