GJ - Fealty - 2022 UK Nationals Winner

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WorldSerpent 147

This is the deck I won UK nationals with.

Thanks to Bamford and Slade for putting on the event, I know it is a lot of work and it is very much appreciated.

Thanks also to The UK meta for just being fun to play against and hang around with.

I won't go too deep into the deck because it is just GJ good stuff big boys so nothing new or interesting.

This is what I think of as GJ Bully. It is about playing threats and attacking your opponent's tempo. Play your good bigs, then disrupt your opponent with Puts, Pyke, Golden Storm Ambush, Valar, Marched and Forced March.

Why I played it: Last few tournaments I had run Tyrell Lion Knights Control and just spent a lot of time reacting and trying to shut down my opponent. I thought sod it, I'll be the pro-active player and put my opponent's to the test. GJ does that the best, their bigs win games and if not answered you just apply a lot of pressure and close quickly.

Pyke as restricted - it's new and I wanted to play with some new cards. plays well into GJ bigs plan of out tempoing your opponent, also it can deal with problem cards and gives you a good amount of control. Bran the builder is very strong with this card as you just put the warships you draw into play straight away rather than having to wait for the turn after. (I would say props to the design team, the cards are strong but with a limited number of releases I'd rather have strong cards that change the game and get restricted than weak cards that lead to a stagnant meta. Also this is for the fans, why would you want to design boring weak cards that dont see play? that seems like a waste of your free time. They aren't infallible and make mistakes but actively updating the restricted list is a good sign. Everyone on the day was exciting to play with new cards. Also Pyke was alright but it was not busted in itself, it just part of the overall good GJ card package. Keep it up team.)

4 cost silence and core Euron - Silence is a 4 cost location for Pyke's reaction and works with bran the builder to put some warships into play. Core Euron is just better than box, always has been in my opinion. Silence also means you dictate initiative.

Put to the sword - At aldershot regional I was running we do not sow and it just wasn't relevant a lot of the time. Puts effect on the board is much greater, can't oppose challenges if your characters are dead. It cam in clutch in a meta where people are playing honest decks.

Shout out to 7 cost Vic, each time I have to think about which big to play it seems like Vic is the one that stabilises by board and pressures my opponent the most. Absolute unit.

Forced marched - This plot used to be everywhere and it seems tonhave gone with the redesign but this was clutch jn every game. It's excellent with the Deckhands and Vic and just wrecked my opponent's tempo.

I'm not going to do a full run down of each game but I am happy to amswer questions. Thanks to each of my opponent's who all put on a brave face when facing the Ironborn.

R1 - Lannister Many Faced - Loss R2 - Bara Qohor - Win R3 - Tyrell Many Faced - Win R4 - Martell Crossing - Win R5 - Targ SoB - Win

Top 8 - NW Qohor Dragon Alliance - Win Opponent got unlucky in this one. I saw my bigs and saves, valard his board turn 3 with a Vince to cancel Aemon and then my opponent didn't see any characters and the game was over.

Top 4 - Stark Fealty - Win Opponent stated he played turn 1 incorrectly which led to me marching turn 2 to remove their lone Rickard Karstark, after that the game dragged out because of Karhold but I was never threatened. My opponent played as well as he could but a Put to the Sword on Robb on my Valar turn broke his chance of a come back.

Final - Stark Battle of the Trident This was a tough game. I had a good set up but all locations and just drew into my weenies. Turn 1 lost my hand to 3 claim desperate attack on intrigue. For 4 Turns I stemmed the tide with my chuds hit a decent Valar after my opponent ran out of cards. Finally top decked Balon and Vic and after that Vic brought the game to its conclusion. This was a really close final and it really could have gone either way. Turns 6 and 7 neither I or Alex drew anything of consequence so we were really just playing the board as it was. He had a great deck, much more interesting than my pile.


Reader 292

Congrats Matt. Good decks still need good players to succeed. You're a worthy UK Champ

WorldSerpent 147

Thanks, was quite pleased. Hopefully play you again soon.

hagarrr 829

Congratulations Matt! Swapping WDNS for PTTS is a great flex. The list looks very well refined, even I can't complain about any of it :D

mrdav 127

Well done Matt, a well deserved victory with a well piloted deck!