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argento 649

Top 8 Stahleck 2022 - 8-2

Stahleck 2022. Jon Snow is back from retirement , exactly 4 years after the last fight . Assault broke the Wall but Jon has new army for friend,some cool rangers as well, and new steward tool. Lord Commander he deserves to be when ring the Rains of Castamere. Long life to Jon Snow , only fools can get rid of him.

Before short reports of games , some few words about the deck : nw rains supersteward has been my favourite deck for nearly 2 years ( 2017 and 2018) and i have to play it with Great Ranging and Lord Steward, amazing cards as it is possible to be , it was pretty obvious.

But i've been in so much pain defending the Wall for the past few months, i had to found another win condition , and here comes Dywen to help Jon making Grenn the best power claimer in the game; then Lord commander not as a kinder but x2 as traditionnal Longlclaw.

No Wall was an easy choice because i expected also no burn at this Stahleck 2022.

So this Supersteward is half Ranger too for sure and more an offensive deck than ever.

Plotline brings heavy location hate with Political , and the Smith x2 ( + great ranging ofc), because i wanted to hit pretty hard Greyjoy Warships ,Randyll lands or Bara control... as a twist of fate , i played no greyjoy, no bara control and no tyrell this weekend .

Forgotten Plans was the last minute call , instead of red wedding , because i wanted to have solution to the Father , Winter festival , Bran the builder or ofc Prince who came to late.

So i speak too much , lets go the report !

Round 1 - Stelios Chouliaras Rains ( top 32)

A mirror match against a very good player is not the best start for sure , but Summer harvest of his Late summer feast gave me a tremendous start with i think Jon and a lord commander, that gave me an advance in powers that Stelios was not able to catch up with similar boards , no Wall , and no way to trigger Rains or take advantage of a valar M.


Round 2 - James Parsons Aloof (4-3)

My miracle win of the day , fair and square.

James dominated the whole game with more strenght , more power icons , and if we both had great ranging and Jon , he got satin and mullin, and not me . So i was in big trouble all game but managed to resist and stay not too far with powers.

On the last round, i valar(ed) and keept Jon , bowen and great ranging , James got his loyal Jon , great ranging and mullin ,and go first ofc: i drew no claim soak or save ,he did power and kneeled my jon and then i had to kill him for mill claim , but ... JAMES forgot great ranging intimidate and i kept great ranging and bowen ( not allowed by mullin to go on power) for my challenges . 10-6 at the moment for him , i took 2 unop and 2 lord commander triggers + dom , to win 11-10 . A true miracle and maybe the turn of the day for me as well.


Round 3- WQB Aloof (5-3)

Third NW in a row and on the stream table! A pretty new player but gifted for sure.

Round 1 i triggered Rains into Pointy end to remove Halfhand dupe , and intri-claimed Aemon (!) so Valar M was at the menu , because i had 2 dupes and aemon myself. Being afraid of here to serve and ofc outwit , i didnt valar Round 2 , and not round 3 neither ... but my opponent did it ! , hoping a double-valar. He conceded instantly.


Round 4- Kairi Kilgi Fealty (4-4)

Fealty but the Karstark one. Problem was for my opponent that she didnt see weenies and had to mill claim an umber loyalist round 1 and nymeria round 2 , and to play a too early valar D round 2. Jon was able to trigger rains easily with stealth on Cat every round , and my valar M round 3 or 4 closed the game for a real one way party.


Round 5 - Jakob Muller Mummer farce (4-3)

Unexpected matchup for sure. Jakob got a slow start and only dupes for shagwell. Having Lord Steward at start , he was in a terrible position : being first player or let me steal shagwell every round.

Round 3 i think was a nightmare for him because i Pinched a loaded Ricasso and Pointy ended Shagwell , steal a guy and kneel 2 others ones with GREAT RANGING -SATIN. He had to valar D my valar M but he kept no character and game was already over.


Round 6 - TasosPap Prince (4-4)

A matchup i feared a lot with a very good and experimented player. His start was crazy good with Khal Drogo ( discard one) with dupe, Jhogo , another 3 cost blood rider, plazza , and rakkharo in challenges , but kept no eco ( using 2 Kingsroad this round), only 2 cards in hands and again i pointy ended drogo to remove dupe and valar M next round ,keeping Jon and aemon (kneeled), he tried to counter with the dothraki 342 but he failed to shave my board this round and i took the lead for good , driving the nail with 2 The Smith to kneel both Plazza and Womb .

Tasos played very well , with not many options , me pretty bad , forgetting 3-4 insights (...) but his Mad king was unable to turn things around.


Round 7 - Dominik Haas Fealty. (top 4)

He crushed me without issue on stream table with a too slow start for me and Greywind + arya cbs+ winter is coming for him making my Here to serve into Aemon very very poor. Rationning round 1 stoped my agenda and Dominik never give up the lead on this one . With no valar possible , game was already lost . Impressive , and a well deserved semifinal for him.


Round 8 - Dennis Luke LOTC (5-3)

This "online classic" was pretty sad for me because i play against a player who has became a friend and i was already in top cut , not him.

I knew i would probably win this one if i managed to survive 3 rounds , and Mullin , lord steward and my agenda ( that no allowed him to sacrifice intri challenge) gave me these rounds , and Dennis got out of breath.


TOP 16 - Victor Marquina Qohor

Rains was simply amazing in this game, 5/5 triggers , again with mvp pointy end on his Azor azai + 1 attach round 2 , game of thrones on a rush round etc etc .

I got a strong board too and Victor no draw and no many qohor triggers.

And he had no dupes at all, me on weenies and aemon and ghost , so i was affraid of King in the north and i waited , no valar Round 2 , no either round 3 ... ok lets go , and he made the fantastic call and caught my late valar with his king in the north !

I lost jON AND GREAT RANGING( !) but i kept aemon, satin and good old Craster , who recovered Noble lignage. He marshalled only fast Robert , and next round Justin Massey, grabbed some power very fast but Pinch and Lord Steward ( x6 stewards) made his life impossible and Victor conceded.


Top 8 - David Tegtmeyer Mummer Farce. (top 4)

Im still hoping to draw a Lord steward for this game , 48h later ! You understand how bad it had gone.

A very different game that my first in rounds because David was always in control and me trying to stay close in power and waiting for miracle - and lord steward or lord commander to come .

His start with shagwell, dontos and patchface round 1 , ricasso round 2 , all with dupes , was a pure nightmare tbh and i dont want to speak about the Annals round , copy unbrided, copy nightmares x2 , copy doran name , doran game , he call it , etc etc. I didnt play events most time, that was unfair no ?

My only tricks were to move longlcaw to spare boot , then next round killing spare boot at mill claim to avoid shagwell stealing renown but it was not enough , fun but not enough . I lacked of draw , jon ( discarded at intri claim round 1) , my agenda , and most of all probably inspiration in challenges phase being to passive. David got all of this; plenty cards and gold, an amazing deck and totaly deserved the win.

End of this wonderful chapter for Supersteward , but it was a blast , Stahleck , simply StahlecK.

( sorry to my opponents for the shortcuts, and possible approximations , and for the readers for my poor english as well !!)


TRYHRDRf1sh 29

Congratulations on your run Yannick! I still have nightmares of Great Ranging, Lord Steward and Pinches :P - nontheless it was a real pleasure meeting you. I guess David revenged the fools for me :) Jakob

lennart-ip 773

It was a blast seeing the supersteward himself back in action after all the time. Congrats on your good and well deserved performance you built and piloted a very cool Deck there. See you soon!