Steward Ass - Stahleck '22 Joust TOP 16

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alta 242

Enjoy your Great Ranging with Satin if you are the first player because of The Wall. Enjoy your 8-10 reserve value with Samwell, Hobb and The Watch Has Need. (My record was 6 stewards find in this tourney, two times.) Enjoy all your duplicates after The Watch Has Need and after enjoy the Valar. Enjoy The Crone against resets like Mad Kig's Command, Wildfire Assault, The First Snow of Winter, Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris. Enjoy your food of The Rat Cook! I stole the shadow Ser Loras Tyrell 5 times in one game (3 The Rat Cook, 2 Lord Steward). Bon apetite for the Watch!

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argento 649

Congrats again Tamas , Aloof Big dudes but still a deck dedicated to defense with surgical build . And even if you play less these days , you are still a monster in game. FOR THE WATCH !