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Hey folks, it's Melee-Time!

So this is my variant of the Martell-Fools Deck I made for Melee and which carried me to and over the final. It differs a bit from my initial Joust version to make it more rushy, but the core pieces are still the same:

  • Agenda --> amazing card draw without faction-card kneel <3
  • In doran's name --> Make use of your amazing card draw combined with Ricasso and Unbridled genirosity (which you want to run anyway)
  • Shagwell --> Spam keywords
  • Someone alway tells --> Protect your fools, which by the way also means protect your handcards
  • Annals of Castle Black --> Repeat

I will leave the rest of interactions and details to Melle and David who have made the amazing results with Martell fools in Joust and have optimized my first build to the top. I definetly think if David could have stand the Greyjoy Fools in the Semi-Finals my ass would have been kicked aswell as it has been by them. It's an excellent Deck with an excellent player, who I excpected and hoped to win the whole Joust Tournament.

Back to the Melee-Deck I want to point out one of the more important (and maybe not completely obvious) change ... Fortified Position. It has been my favourite Plot back in the "Martell Wars To Come"-days and absolutely excels in Melee-Martell. If things are not getting completely great the usual Idea is to open up Behest into Summer-Havest, the typical first Melee-Round where everyone is getting his gold to establish. The Problem might be your second round since a lot of great tools in Martell excel in the later plots and especially at the moment you have 3 Plots in your used pile, which means you have to "survive" the second round if you don't have Gulltown or Ricasso and it also works great with the Tattered Prince and Quentyn.

I had awesome games! It has been a great Melee-Tournament and I didn't expect to do that well, it would definetly not have worked without the luck I got during the games and the pairings (special thanks to Zuzka here for not getting paired against me. I prefer my fools healthy and alive :D ). I want to thank all my opponents for the fun I had during the games and also and especially to the Organisation-Team, who will always have a place in my heart.

I guess I will write a bit more with my Joust-Deck-list. Cheers and see you there maybe :)

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