Fools do not Sow - Stahleck 1st Place

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Harren 538

Fools do not Sow

Here is the deck that I built and piloted for this special occasion (Tournament of Stahleck return!). I am afraid I cannot provide a report of the different Rounds and matches because I didn’t take notes and I do not have the greatest memory, apologies.

First of all, I have to thank the organization team for making this possible. Everything went perfect, on time, super professional, it is very difficult to do this and we (all the players I think) really appreciate that, and always with a smile, you are truly great.

Secondly, big thanks to the Global Operations Team (G.O.T) for keeping the game alive, you are doing an amazing job and the health of the game is better than ever in your hands. We really appreciate that you dedicate your spare time and your efforts for the sake of the AGOT community.

And thirdly, thanks to all the players that participated in the tournament, you make this magical experience possible and it is an honour to be a member of this community.

And let me leave my final thanks for the end. Now, the deck.


I play several houses and I like to experiment but my favourite one is Greyjoy and I tend to stick with them when I go to big tournaments. However, Greyjoy has been hit pretty hard by the restricted lists recently, specially regarding draw (Alannys) and unopposed mechanics (Raiding Longship) so I had to find an answer and there was one.


And the answer was Fools. Huge amount of draw and non-greyjoy characters to take advantage of the Saltcliffe Sailors that provided an obscene amount of stealth (unopposed technology, priceless). The only downside is that Fools are fragile (Flayer, Blade, Burn, Grey Wind, etc…) and that sometimes is difficult to keep track of your own cards and keywords. The good point is that it is even more difficult for your opponent 😊


Pretty standard the Seven plotline. Honourable mention to 2xThe Smith (excellent idea from my metamate Charlypostman) which truly destroyed a lot of my opponents and was really effective in the final.

Valar morghulis? Of course, we are Greyjoys.

And in my opinion the plot that really stands out and was nearly always my finisher, At the Palace of Sorrows. With HFK out of the meta and having several low STR characters this plot was gold for me. Finally, regarding plots, if you can time well The Crone, it truly wins you games.


Fools and big guys and the good ones always x3. Theon Greyjoy (Core)? Yes, underrated card, in this deck he is usually a stealth+(pseudo) renown. The other ones are pretty obvious, try to maximize your keywords.

Key characters: Obviously Shagwell and Vargo Hoat, and also Left-Hand Lucas Codd and the Saltcliffe Sailors, they allow the gold manipulation and as said before a massive amount of stealth.

The good thing about Shagwell is that he is so scary that he receives all the hate, letting your other impactful characters win the game, specially Balon (3 keywords with his boat) and Victarion (2 powerful keywords and the possibility to save himself).


Economy, 3x Great Kraken and more unopposed tech (Grey Ghost). In this deck you can afford the luxury to always use Great Kraken to claim power. However, if things go astray and you do not see your fools you can use it to draw.

Economy is important, but the deck can hold if you do not see it thanks to all the 6 gold plots.

If your opponent has some stealth, Grey Ghost can literally win you the game.


What to say about Sweetsleep? Good for setups, versatile (offense/defense) and great protection for your key characters. Extremely efficient card.


The six Greyjoy events are non-negotiable, I have been using them in my Greyjoy decks since the beginning. And Unbridled is absolutely nasty in this deck, if you do not see Unbridled, fortunately we have the B Plan (Lucas, Vargo, Saltcliffe).

I hope you enjoyed the description of the deck, I really enjoyed playing it. If you want to give it a go, it is really fun to play.

If you have any questions or comments feel free.

Final Thanks

I cannot end without warmly thanking 3 very important groups in my AGOT life.

Thank you Barcelona Meta, you are strong, loyal, and it is always a wonderful experience when we travel together. We are truly a team, and the victory is also yours. When I have you at my side I feel capable of everything.

Thank you Thursday Club, for meeting and playing cards in person every Thursday, one of my favourite moments of the week. You endured my playstesting with fools week after week always with a smile.

And last but not least, thank you Old Watch for your friendship and your faith in me, I am proud to be part of this brotherhood.

Hope to see you all at Stahleck next year!


Axel690 401

Pasan los años y no pierdes el toque. Enhorabuena crack

dom 457

Congratulations! Impressive run

Alcaudón 1

Putu crack!!!!

Timmy 58

Congrats for the run, I will long remember my first match of the tournament against you.

This deck is a masterpiece (as well as the martell fools deck btw)

Dave007 1

Is it very bad for the deck if you don't see a Limited in the setup?

argento 649

This deck seems absolutely perfect ! Bravo !

Lannister 557


Derry 126

Amazing deck and pilot, congrats!

Harren 538

Thank you guys for your kind words.

@Dave007It is not that bad to not see a limited. You have Iron Bank, Euron (can steal locations, and Balon (you can steal and use kingsroads) and also a huge amount of draw. In fact, this situation happened a lot during the tournament. Worst case scenario you just play the low curve and save the big guys in your hand.

lennart-ip 773

Congrats again Harren on your performance and on taking the paperweight home! You created a monster of a Deck there.

Sweetsleep is catching me a bit off guard there as I didn't expected to see it in your list, but the more I think about it the more I like it. See you next year!

Gazna 46

13-0 insane perform

woshmann 1

This deck is a piece of art. Congrats man, ets un puto crack!!!

calamar 1

felicitats !!! ...

Dave007 1

What's the best way to deal with Stark match-ups (Grey Wind & Bolton Flayer)?

Harren 538

@Dave007If you see one bolton Flayer use your saves in challenges and keep your 1 costers in the board at any cost. If you see 2 Bolton Flayers just Valar Morhgulis. And Grey Wind is no big deal unless Robb is also there. In that case, Valar. In fact it might be one of the most difficult matchups, even more if the Stark player uses the 2 cost Arya.

MrkiMaki 1

Well done! Trying this deck today, should I be worried about The First Snow of Winter plot? It could do some damage.

Dave007 1

Probably The Crone also helps here.

MrkiMaki 1

Which plot would be the opening one? I presume its the Maiden?

Dave007 1

Yes, The Maiden.