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marquina 484

Hello there,

This is the deck that I played during the weekend, getting a TOP-16 result.

House and agenda

I barely played during the last year, so I decided to play my favorite house, Baratheon. I tried another kind of decks, but I don't found any of them to be fully reliable, so Thursday night I decided to retrieve the Qohor deck, that gave me the cut in the last edition, and change it to make it legal with the new RL.

Plot deck

The Smith is a great plot for Bara-Qohor deck, as it give you full location control for 2 plots, with a good gold income. To don't be hurt by the low reserve, The maiden is almost a mandatory option, being the best opening plot in the game.

Close Call is another plot with high gold, that is usefull in a deck with so many duplicated characters. Furthermore, it can give you an extra card.

Barring the Gates, good gold and good effect to prevent our opponents to play ambush or shadow cards, or use flea bottom or events.

Return to the Field is not as great as it was before, but with the lack of draw that this deck have, it's still a good option. Obviously, the plan here is to play it in our rivals reset, no secret here.

Finally, the King in the North, I wasn't fully convinced to play this plot, but Harren convinced me to do it, and it prove it to be a good advise. Is not as powerful as it used to be, but correctly timed, it can be a great play.

You win or you die is clearly missed here, but with the restriction of Azor Ahai Reborn is no longer possible to play it.


Red Priest was restricted, and I add Godric, Cressen and Balerion in those slots. Probably with more time to test I will have added two Vanguard Lancers for extra draw with Alester instead of Cressen and Balerion. I think that the other choices will not surprise anyone, maybe Justin, but i really love that extra renown + standing effect.


I used the same attachment that i used 3 years ago. I thought about including one sweetsleep, but it's terminal and i cannot change for other attachment with the agenda, so it didn't make the cut. I also thought about Horn of Winter instead of seized, but it didn't make the cut because it needs to be sacrificed.


Only economy locations, as usual.


I will like to thank the tournament organization for the fantastic job they did. The tournament was perfect, fantastically organized and timed. Thank you to let us enjoy that amazing experience again 3 years after the last one.

See you next year!

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