Martell Lion - STAHLECK Melee 7th place (3 wins during Round

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Gabryel 3

Hi everyone,

I've never been a great melee player, preferring to bring decks with me to annoy others more than to win my tables.

It is therefore completely surprised that I found myself winning my first 3 tables, allowing me to finish 6th in the games and therefore 7th in the general classification.

Not much to say about the deck. To be honest, I was thinking of coming in Lannister banner of the Wolf or in Targaryen 321, then I decided at the last moment to come with my own deck, built the day before and without testing (always do this to have the best decks).

The game plan is simple, have lots of little characters, draw a lot with dragon's tail, cersei informers and Boros Blount (and two extra cards with the Mother), make others understand that you are not dangerous and end up with a family doran's game with lots of renowns. Simple and efficient.

I'm sure the deck can be greatly improved but this would be another day in another tournament.

I lose in semi-final because I dont see any Doran's game for the first time in all day. Sad but it happens !

Bye !

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