Night´s Watch Aloof and Apart, TOP 16 Stahleck

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Libor 24

I was originally going to play a different deck and built this one up (Wednesday) as "Rains of Castamere" only if I would change my mind and need something different. On Friday evening I reworked it into the Aloof and Apart version. Ironically, I didn't play a single game with it before Stahleck tournament itself. The reason for the agenda change was the "Outwit", which then helped me significantly in several games. The strength of the deck is of course the new cards (Army, Satin, Jon), draw (Bowen, The Watch has Need) and the resistance to resets (Outwit, duplicates, Aemon). The weakness is the power icons.

I've left several tricks from Castamers in the deck (Owen, Pinch of Powder), played several power grab cards (Longclaw, Grenn) because I make mistakes and the longer the games, the more risk. Depending on the current situation, the deck could switch from an aggressive style in all types of challenges (returns to hand, intimidate, Grenn) to a defensive style (Wall).

Thanks to Outwit, I didn't have a significant problem with resets and prized for characters, and the Here to Serve plan allowed me to have a Maester at any time in the game (I was usually looking for it turn two due to the risk of a fast Valar Morghulis). I play against Greyjoys at home a lot, so I also included two copies of You Know Nothing, which proved to be a very useful card. And it would also prove useful against A Mummer's Farce. On the other hand, I would probably discard The Maiden, since I was mostly opening with Late Summer Feast, and getting to Maiden much later didn´t add its initiative advantage.

I'm an average player at best, so 6 - 2 in Swiss and another win that put me in the top 16 is a huge (lifetime) success for me. I think the deck is really good, easy to play and forgiving of the occasional game mistake. Two of the three losses were to Baratheons, one to Martell (Fools).

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