Raining Black - Stahleck Joust Cut (6-2; 20th)

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Stelios21 30

With it being my first Stahleck, it goes without saying that I had a blast of a time! Really happy to put a face on those TIT nicknames and meet players from across the globe. To those that I missed or didn’t make it, hopefully next year we’ll have our chance.


  • Barring The Gates: Essential with all the jumpers back lately.

  • Bran the Builder: Useful to fetch whichever location you need at the time, good gold and some initiative.

  • For the Realm: An eco cheat for Wall, Castle Black or Ranging Party to bolster your board.

  • Late Summer Feast: Hopefully gives only one card before the agenda trigger.

  • Time of Plenty: Good gold and reserve, counters Winter Festival, even Naval if you suspect it.

  • Valar Morghulis: Dupes!

  • A Game of Thrones: Shined in most matchups, stalling the opponent and gaining precious time to build up.

  • Expose Duplicity: Used once I believe. Brought mainly for Kingsguards and Lannister jumpers.

  • Filthy Accusations: A staple in most Rains decks.

  • Power Behind the Throne: Standing your big guys for more stealth, draw or power is nice.

  • The Pointy End: Since no voltrons came up, it got rid of crucial dupes before my Valar or preventing the opponent’s.

MVPs I was happy to see different cards excel in each game. A well timed Barring together with A Game of Thrones and Rat Cook/Lord Steward were crucial in my Dothraki matchup. Qhorin singlehandedly (sorry) won me the Stark X game, chewing Mormonts and aiding in the power race. Owen of course was a constant threat. The Watch Has Need as the heart of the deck.

No big surprises in the rest of the draw deck, it could almost be an AAA. (It is, without the prized, plus the flexibility of Rains). Sam actually gained power in only one game I think but his strength and draw were critical when he appeared. Choice of restricted card was Castle Black as I felt more comfortable with its location control and standing when I’d have to play more defensively.

Losses against the great Argento and his explosive start in our mirror, my regent teammate Makak with my traitor Mullin and his kneel and the unforgiving mummers of Melle. Kudos to James Waumsley for the most smooth and organised game I had, it helped immensely.

Until the next time!

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