Bara Companies Stahleck 2022 (2-6, 2-2)

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BlueHill 30

Hi! There was a call to share decks so I'll do my part!

This is not my creation, it got shared by Tupaq in our meta's discussion group, I liked it and build to play after long break. I didn't have any games before the journey to Stahleck but I was pretty sure I could drive this deck to at least to one victory in the joust.

Deck is pretty simple, you control the board with R'hollor stuff and accelerate towards 15 power with Robert Baratheon (FotS), The Ikea-set and Not-So Fickle Bannerman. Funny thing was I got to 15 Power twice with R'hllor Infiltrator.

I loved the agenda, it is so much fun. Getting to refuel your Begging Bros is good, also you can setup The Iron Bank (R) and put gold there before marshalling to get it going.

What I would change now, after playing this deck over 20 times over the weekend, I would try to include second copy of Hunting Accident to find it more easily. I never marshalled The Bastard of Nightsong when it was in my hand, maybe cut that for something else also.

I went 2-6 in joust tournament, winning my first two (NW AaA & Grejoy Sun) and then lost the following six games (NW Rains, NW AaA, Greyjoy Prince, Stark Crossing, Lannister Rose, Bara Fealty). Next day in the team event I beat Lanni Rains and Martell Assault and lost to Targ Prince and Targ Qohor.

Give the deck try, it is really fun to play, pretty simple but with some decision points (not just turning cards side ways).

Thanks to Stahleck organizers, friends (old and new) and see you all next year!

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