Stahleck 2022 / Martell´o´Fools (3:5) / 110th place

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Floydos 53

Hello. For my 1st ever Stahleck I wanted to play the only faction that matters to me – Martell. Since recently we had new puppy at home (dachshund) named Oberyn Martell, I really wanted to play any Martell build with the one and only The Viper. Sadly, none of my builds works :-( So then I started to looking for alternatives. Friend of mine (Raius) helped me with deckbuilding and testing and I ended up with Fools with Yronwood guys.

I will try to write down all games, but after a looooooong drive by car and only 3 hours of sleeping, I hardly even can remember what day that was and what country I attended :D

1st game: vonSilas (Lanni/White Book). Loss. All I can remember is Red Keep and jumping knights. But vonSilas were a nice guy and like all my opponents, I was really happy to meet them.

2nd game: achamp36 (Lanni/MFG). Loss. Again really nice guy, it was really nice to play against, we had fun. And even I lost, I was not mad at all (except one moment, that I realized that I cannot count).

3rd game: hidra (GJ/Stag). Win. Nice lady to meet. She was playing Ships and Smugglers. Luckily for me, Anders were in beast mode and I won at 3rd plot.

4th game: Matthew Stevenson (Tyrell/Crossin). Win. Again, nice guy to play against. Game was really intense, we had the cound the STR in the challenges on paper. And I won by really lucky play. If I would not be able to pull that off, I would lose.

5th game: Mog (Bara/Allof). Lose. That was so fast game that even my coffee did not have time to cool down.

6th game: Rabs (Star/Fealty). Win. Yes, playing a guy that I specatae on Twitch. It was a good game, we had a great fun and I won, because my Host.

7th game: Khudzlin (Stark/Crossing). Loss. My brain was on vacation or on strike so I forgot to trigger so many reactions and just lost.

8th game: Eduards Ignatjevs (Tyrell/Lion). Loss. My brain was melted and dripping out of my ears. All I can remenber are knights, KNIGHTS everywhere, Red Keep and Guildhall so I can´t trigger a single thingy :D

Overall all were great games and players I faced, they were really nice, so fun to chat, so fun to play against and I personally had a great blast! I hope that next year I will be able to visit Bacharach and lovely castle again.

See you on TiT Floydos (maybe on the TiT as Floydor), simply "that idiot with Martell sigil in the image" :-)

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