2022 Team Tournament: Fire and Blood

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World Cup 2023 - Team Germany (4th place) - Targaryen 5-1 6 4 2 1.0

Palpa 122

My contribution to the Team Regionals Tournament 2022 .

My group (Forgotten Regents) opted to provide a burn deck, as burn is a versatile archetype for many setups. After the latest RL hitted Burn hard (thanks god, Pyro Dany + Incinerate is just bullshit), and my favorite burn-deck, Kings of Summer, now had three restriced on it, I experimented a lot with burn on TiT. While it was hard finishing games or finding oppenents at all ("Sorry, not against you" was the kindest thing I heard these times), I fell in love with this one. Opposite to full-burn (Fealty/321), it has a "second win condition" by not only burning, as it also runs some guys with renown, so you also have an additional benefit from winning chals, which makes the match less passive as full burn. This was also inspired by my AAA Targ decks, who proved that Targ bigs are actually "good". Also, I had the issue with full burn decks that often my hand was stuck with events and lacked of chars. So here is the fusion deck of AAA and burn.

The Agenda

It provides you gold and draw. The two things Targ lacks of. It is good.

The Plots

The Maiden: The boring opener that helps to win games through initiative
The Father: one of my favorite plots. You eather make a good gold trade, as you run a lot cheap chuds, or you save a big one when you know your opponent will reset. Common target is Viserys to get rid of attachments.
Marched: A big asset in any (Targ) deck. I won so many games by marching the lonely big chud from setup. Or you clean the board from chuds to march a big one. Or you expect Valar and save your own. Always good to have a Freedmen or Mother's Men for the latter if you don't hit the reset.
First Snows: Fools and Builders don't like it. That's why I like it. Also good to prepare for a subsequent Marched
MKC: The Reset that can backfire, but is often needed. Shadow Decks are a hard matchup, and this plot can make things even again. Also, we have Freedmen, Mother's Men, Missandei and Unexpected Return and Fire and Blood to widen the Board again
Blood Of The Dragon: Obvious. And one Reason I run 3x ADINS
The Mother: The Substitute for YWOYD after Dany hit the RL. Obviously worse and the one plot that can be swapped. However, 6 Gold and mostly at least one draw is decent.

The Attachments

Protect Dany! (and Selmy and Drogo)

The Characters

Starting with the Discarders: Missandei, Freedmen, Mother's Men. You need them for Selmy, Consuming and Meeren. Mind that BotD will kill the small folks. Freedmen is one of my favorite cards. In countless situations, they saved me by having an additional Icon, by having a Marched Target, a chud to be killed in the MKC turn, etc.
Viserys: get rid of Milks and stuff. The best one-coster in the game
Kindly Man: Fuels your Agenda, all icons, enter in the challenge phase (Shadow AND Ambush). Or can remove Kiss tokens, Valar Morghulis Tokens, etc.
Drogon: The most hated card in the game (?): For good reason. Additional claim, get rid of dupes. Burn.
Selmy: The most underrated 7 coster it seams to me. Raise Claim, Stand, Renown, 6 Str. He won me more games than the Khal.
The Khal: 2 Military in SoB? Good
Pyro Dany: The most hated card in the game (?): For good reason. Makes more passive kills than any other card in the game (including Valar Morghulis)
Rhagal + Viseryon. Solid bodies than can Dracarys. And they like to die and revive (Fire and Blood). Good for MKC turns also.

The Events

What?! Only 2 Consumig? Only 2 Dracarys? YES! You draw events with the agenda, and you recycle them with the Markets. Your hand doesnt get stucked.
Fire and Blood: Substitutes Close Call and revives Dragons into the board. Unexpected Return. Thanks to the Agenda, you can afford it and its always an unexpected surprise.
Waking The Dragon: Sometimes you need more chars than you have. Also good to protect your key chars from your opponent's resets. And to kill chuds with Dany for free or provide an additional -1STR with her
ADINS: the most important card. Passive kills with BotD, kill stronger chars with Drogon, fuel discards (Selmy, Consuming, Meeren). Bonkers with Pyro Dany.

The Locations

No Astapor? No Plaza of Punishment? Both are assets, sure, but Location hate is so strong these days, it mostly doesnt pay off to invest the gold. Also, you run MKC.
Meeren: A card I just cannot make a final judgement on. It can win games, but often it doesnt help. Its nice in the challenge phase to fuel Selmy or to make a lucky punch by drawing a burn event. And you can fuel it with the Discarders. It depends on the matchup. Remember the anti-synergy with the Agenda: Any events you fetch will be discarded at the end of the phase!
Meerenese Markets: Recycle your events. Also a big asset against Martell (the Prince's Plan is the best counter against Burn) or Big Wall (remove your chars from your discard) or Flea Bottom (remove your opppnent's Chars from their Discard)
The rest is econ

Final Remarks
The deck proved to be fun and competitive. I was forced to not change it during the Tournament for weeks. Now that I can change it, there is nothing I will change.


Magnus 121

Thanks for sharing! Good to see some semi burn decks being released again! Hopefully some of the good cards will be off the RL soon :)


Nice deck? What about Beggar King for econ?

Palpa 122

I hope it is a nice deck (?) !

Sure, Baggar King is a good card and I play it very often. Is a big asset in a BotD turn! But I run quite some high gold Plots where it is useless and I had no idea which card to substitute.


Yeah, I meant "Nice deck!' of course! 😜

Palpa 122

Thx :D

RaelagCZE 60

Hi, I love this deck.. What about any updates? Have you change it while Arryns were released? ty

Palpa 122

Thanks! Well. I used this one in the World Cup and made a small update on the plots. I planned to make a seperate publish to talk about my experiences there. However, as the decklists were locked for the whole WC-Season, I again could not make changes to the deck for quite a while.

Anyways, new cards. As Axxo would point out, Targ doesnt get that much ;) Lysono is a very funny card, but would in my eyes dilute the deck. The Balerion is pure crap. From the neutrals, the highroad looks good at first glance, but you run MKC and have reductions via the Agenda anyway. So I guess also a NO here. Nothing else from the latest pack seams to fit in any way to the brutalness of the deck.

RaelagCZE 60

@Palpa Yeah, I understand...I am trying this deck and I kicked out Mereen and added Plaza twice ;) I just love standing with Drogo/Drogon/Dracarys need etc... And I was interested in plot changes, but I will wait ;) Anyway..What about Unexpected return? I was trying this event in Dothraki Sea of Blood and I cut it off finaly.. It was useful in 1 games from 10-20 :D

Palpa 122

So you cut a draw engine to include another discard-mechanic? Bold move! :D Concerning Unexpected: NO WAY! I am thinking of including a 2nd copy rather than cutting the 1st. Saved my ass more times than I can count. But I also play to make use of it. Like, discarding Selmy/Drogon/Drogo (spoiler: messed that up in the game I lost in WC completely) on purpose to fetch them in the MKC turn. If you dont fuel it, its for sure not that good. In Dohtraki, its anotehr thing, because you have Overwhelming (x3!!!), so its not worth it for sure.