Attack from the Tower - Friendly Council (ep7)

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FriendlyOpen 916

Hi folks. :)

This is the deck we built in Episode 7 of The Friendly Council, our new video series about deckbuilding. This is a new Friendly Open project, aimed at helping beginner and intermediate-level players build their own decks.

This time we take a look at the Clansmen theme in Lannister. This deck is very aggressive, jumping in characters in the challenges phase and trying to destroy the opponent's hand and board. If this playstyle appeals to you, check out the video below.

The Friendly Council - Episode 7

As always, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. :)


VincentAdultman 1

Hi, I've built a Clansmen deck that's actually very similar to this (but I guess most Clansmen decks will be similar!). I have the Bastard of Driftmark in my deck x2, in the hopes of being able to trigger the Tower again. If not, then trigger Harrenhal, Lionstar or Red Keep. Do you think he's a worthwhile addition?

The Regent's Guard is such a good trick to get characters you need back into hand that I'm annoyed I didn't think of it :)

I've got x3 Hear Me Roar in my deck. Overkill perhaps?

Look forward to watching your video and understanding how the deck was built.

Cas 149

Hi @VincentAdultman, Bastard of Driftmark is cool but in this deck we don't really want to marshal him, and we need the Harrenhal trigger for more efficient things. I talk about Hear Me Roar specifically in the video so I won't spoil that. :D

oldbearmormont 1

I think The Iron Throne (LMHR) would work great with this deck. Especially if you can turn a 6 cost character back to hand. That's why I keep them hear me roar's, to put a 7 coster into play.

But I think your version is very military challenge oriented to keep control. I've seen a similar deck that runs that 2 military challenge plot, tough to stay alive :)

VincentAdultman 1

Hi @Cas, I've watched the video now. A great explainer and has really helped hammer home to me the point of what I'm aiming for in my deck. My x3 Western Fiefdom are now gone! Very silly to have them when the aim is to ambush by various means. So your explainer helped me to lean into what I'm aiming for.

Do you ever struggle for draw? I know the aim is to have characters come back to hand, so you don't need the draw (same thing I found when playing) but what if your opponent has ruined your hand or you get a poor mulligan? Would you not include a Counting Coppers or Bran the Builder for such instances, especially to find the two main locations?

Would you consider x1 Flea Bottom, as you might have opportunity to spring a character in and then return them to hand, if you were a little stuck?

There aren't many cancels in the deck. I have Treachery, Hand's Judgement and Red Keep in mine. Mainly because I'm worried that someone will cancel my Harrenhal/Lionstar/Tower when I really need it. Is this something you worry about or do you roll with it if it occurs?

Also, kudos for accepting the Tyrion kill if it happens. I'm not sure I can part with my Close Call quite so bravely, ha!

Cas 149

@VincentAdultman not finding the cards is certinly a risk, but we need the plots for pressure. Prioritizing cancels could be valid, but I wouldn't build too much around the Lannister mirrors (the main cancel risk), that are otherwise not terrible. Red Keep and Nightmares should be enough most of the time, but I guess Lay Siege could be switched for counters to something that you are personally more worried about.

Odrl 1249

As always, I tried this deck in a few casual online games. I misplayed it a bit, but it was still pretty fun. :)