Tyrell Crossing! Northampton Dragonbinder Winner!

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P_Gedi 182

Hey All,

This is the deck I took to win my first ever tournament. The strategy is quite simple - play knights and ladies, and depending on the situation, play Nameday Tourney or Tourney for the King to speed gain power.

Win fast, or lose fast.

A quick overview -

Round 1 - Katt Johnson

Not ideal to go to a tournament to play your other half, especially having lost three test games to them two nights previously. However from those test games, I changed my rush strategy to a much slower approach, choosing not to do challenges as a crossing player might want do usually. A lots of back and forth in this one, but winning in the plot phase for a power on Ser Robar Royce was juicy, even though Katt didn’t think so at the time.

Round 2 - Adam East Adams GJ Summer was handed to them in the day to ply and its design was a pillage / mil deck using the new Torrens Square. Marshalling big armies, Euron, corpse lake and Ling of salt and rock was also met with “pass challenges” a lot leaving me to do maths the entire game.

Safe to say, corpse lake exploded with power, as did Lucas Codd with King of Salt and Rock. Luckly Tourney for the king and Lyn Corbray stealth were essential for the final turn rush.

Round 3 - Erik Visse-Martindale Well great, Targ Aloof isn’t gonna be fun, but I’m already 2-0 so let’s see what happens. A generally poor setup of Lyn Corbray, and econ was not ideal. Turn 1 saw core Danny and core Rhaegal appear also. The safe “pass challenges” was a must from me on turn 1. Wardens of the South turn 2 provided a little protection for a few challenges to start to creep through. At this point, I have Lyn Corbray, 1 Green Apple Knight (GAK), Tolbert Serry and Core Marg. I look at my hand and see 2 GAKS and 1X Lord Renlys Ride…..let’s YOLO next turn with Tourney for the King. So that’s what I do, I now have 3 GAKS all at 5 STR, but wait, Erik played Blood of the Dragon and now my GAKS are 4…but wait, in challenge against Danny they are 3, but wait, in the first challenge they are 2 because of Crossing….ahhh. No matter, my plot grants immunity so what the hell, intrigue challenge, maths happens and it is defended. Military happens and it a weakly defended allowing my Renly Ride to take effect and kneel 7 cost Viserions power icon. Power challenge with a Knight of Summer…maths is determined and Erik says “you’ll be two away, so unopposed” for me to play superior claim for the win - phew!

Round 4 - Ian Russell

Oh great another Targ deck, sad times. A luckly start from me I think with a duped Mina and a GAK. Ian opens Unexpected Delay which isn’t ideal, but does make the mistake of making themselves first here. I luck out even more finding a duped Marg as well, play a courtier and Colen. Ian chooses the Gak for plot and so I also choose the GAK. Shadows card comes out from Ian killing Colen and now I have no military icon. Military takes a Mina dupe for a card draw.

Turn 2 is Valar Morghulis from Ian (unexpected this early) to my Nameday. I make Ian first to see what’s happening. The marshal core Rhaegal and I marshal a knight of summer, alongside my saved Marg. Ian passes challenges with 3 gold. Scared of burn, I use Marg on Knight of Summer and declare a power challenge for 7, unopposed (1), superior claim (2), Nameday tourney (1), Lady Sansa’ Rose (3), claim (1) and renown (1). BOOM! 9 power rush time. Next round is Compelled from me as a safety with Ian playing marched - they go first and I lose marg and their 1 power, and saving the 4 power on my knight of summer. If memory serves Ian isn’t able to get much out this round and I can’t close it, but Tourney for King next round and I’m so close, Ian concedes.

Wow what a day! My first tourney win and with my trusted knights too!

Thanks to all my opponents and for Rebecca for running everything, and to Adam for the use of their shop. A great day was had, with all of us going for a nice meal at the pub afterwards.

A great day indeed.

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