Reek's den- Top 8 Espada Blanca 2023

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This is the deck I played in Valencia's Espada Blanca 2023.

I have been playing Stark lately and I missed a lot my Martell Wolf attrition days. So... Stahleck showed me what I wanted to build after I played against @Mad', an attrition deck that could face these fools decks and punish greedy big guys ones. Thanks @Mad' for the inspiration and our chats on discord :)

The tournament: I was expecting to face mummers a lot and didn't play against any. The results were great but I had to face our meta god @Adkadi twice in a row (last Swiss round and top 8) with his Lanni many faced god improved version.

MVPs of the deck: I think It is a combination of several cards instead of key ones and the preassure the deck can create to your opponent.

I would make some changes but don't know them yet.

Thanks to the organizers for an incredible tourney and our community. See you soon in Madrid!

Reek sends his regards from the cold Harrenhal 🥶


MegasAlexandros 1

Thanks for sharing the deck ! Isn’t Roose Bolton a natural fit here or core Robb stark? Also do you need Arya stark times 3? How did dreadfort maester work for you? Meta police v2 , nice! :)

r480 158

You need Arya ASAP in some pairings. Core Robb is restricted and you need the She-Bears to flood the board, also he does not fit in the idea of the deck. Roose is too expensive, you'll need to include more econ and change the deck for him. The dreadfort maester is a 1x because of his icons and depending on the board you may trigger him.

MegasAlexandros 1

I see and thanks for the analysis , I think you could easily swap the dreadfort Maester for catelyn core for the icons , more strength and a better ability! How is the wolf's den working for you? Mad kings command included , also wouldn’t white harbor be a better choice?

SonOfBattles1 436

I'm running a similar deck out of assault with Skagos as the restricted card - that allows me to blink into Arya Stark (TFM) from her core version, recycle summer, and get a double Ramsay Snow trigger. Board presence is an issue though for sure.