Minicurve Stealth/Kneel

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KongGeorgeVII 7

Trying out a similar concept to Sam Braatz’s / minicurve deck.

The idea is to get some stealth characters into play and activate the Baratheon kneel module to get as many unopposed challenges through as possible. Varys can reset the board once your opponent has their big scary characters out and you should be able to recover faster with all the low cost cards in the deck to keep getting that unopposed power.

Lots of 2 claim plots so you can try to grab as much power as possible or get the max out of your military. Rise of the Kraken has the potential to net you 8 power in a single turn by itself and you have a good shot of doing it if you can get all the kneel and stealth set up.

As yet this deck is untested but it seems like in theory it could be both fun and effective.

All suggestions welcome.

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