The Many-Faced Dragons: Modern Burn

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Polli85 328

Burn is underplayed these days. Except from the SoB-Deck from the World Cup, we haven't seen any new decks recently. This is a pity because burn would have been a natural predator for some of the more successful decks from the last months (especially some Martell builds and fools decks).

For some fresh air i have build a MFG deck with Core Dany. Be aware: This deck is by no means easy to play, you have many decisions points. But it has more tricks than any deck i have ever build and it is really fun to play if you have some experience with it.

First of all: Forget about the ambush discount from the agenda. I have tried to build around that many times but it failed. You can use it for Drogon and Quaithe, which is nice, but that's it. Don't try to include any other neutral ambush characters. Second drawback: No kingdom plots. No access to LSF can hurt a lot but you have Time of Plenty and The Father which will give you 6 gold and Summer Harvest which will often give 8 gold on plot 1. Also you can use Aegon for some tempo advantage. Just bring out some eco asap.

This deck has three main elements:

  1. Classic burn (with Core Dany). I will not go through this today.
  2. Aegon + Mercs package.
  3. Agenda tricks.

The Aegon package gives you a lot of tempo, don't underestimate it. He will often bring Daario into play but Lysono is also a great target for his insight (remember: No kingdom plots means no Counting Coppers). Revive those two (or Aegon) with Close Call if necessary, bring them into play with Tyrion, use them two times a round with Waking the Dragon and shuffle them back into your deck with the markets - Aegon can often be used more than once a game when you choose him as target for Marched or The Father.

For the agenda, every single character in the deck can be useful. You won't use your agenda every round and sometimes you will even play a whole game without using it, but when you use it it will feel almost ever very satisfying and gives you great advantages. But you need to think two steps ahead (before killing an opponents character or claim one of your characters). Let's go through the characters:

  • Aegon: Not very useful with the agenda, but int and pow icon for drogon can be nice. Also lord trait for Doreah.
  • Brown Ben Plumm: Merc trait for enemy characters when you attack with Daario.
  • Cohollo: can have icons without loosing a card or give Intimidate when he is dead.
  • Daario: Renown when he is dead but way more useful when he is alive (see above).
  • Dany: Insight and Stormborn trait which is really cool - all icons + Rheagal stand for Drogon? Yes please!
  • Doreah: Companion trait for Daario and draw with Lord/Lady trait.
  • All Dragons: First - more Icons for Drogon are great, especially with Waking the Dragon. Second: you can discard any attachement on your or your opponents characters. Third: Give anyone the Dragon trait for surprising Dracarys. Fourth (but this i a minor use): bring back ADINS to your hand with any char.
  • Khal: Lord + Renown.
  • Lysono: Insight + Merc trait for Daario.
  • Missandei: Companion trait for Daario.
  • Quaithe: Compaion trait and discount from agenda.
  • Jorah: Companion trait and renown.
  • Assassin: Ally trait for Daario.
  • Stormcrows: Merc trait.
  • Tyrion: Stealth and Merc trait.
  • Viserys: at least a lord for Doreah...and can give a power icon for plaza of punishment (like all chars with pow icon).

I am pretty sure that i have forgotten some interactions, which you can find out yourself. Have fun!


Palpa 122

What a beautiful and out of the box design- Chapeau!

Polli85 328

Thank you.

I would like to add that interestingly Blood of the Dragon is often the least useful plot here. A possible change could be:

Remove: Blood of the Dragon, 2 ADINS, 1 Stormcrows

Add: Return to the Fields (more draw, dodge resets, use Aegon again), 2 Nightmares (always good), 1 Mothers Men (good trait and keywords for agenda/Daario, useful effect)

zack 126

This is a work of art. Thank you for sharing.

Comm 48

Very interesting use of MFG ! Good idea !

I also like the idea of using Cohollo this way. :)

I feel like economy is very tense. Why not remove 1x Plaza of Punishment to put a 3rd Illyrio's Estate or Slaver's Bay Port or 1x Kingsroad ?

For the draw : Return to the Fields seems nice but have you tried Siege Preparations?

Polli85 328

Yes, economy is tense. You might want to include Gates of the Moon (maybe for 1 Market) which is great when you see it early in the game. However, i wouldn't go over 10 eco cards and i would avoid Kingsroads as the gold is more important than the cost reduction (events, Aegon, Assassins, Ambush). Highroad might be an alternative too.

Also: 2 x Plaza of Punishment is the sweet spot for a burn deck. Always and especially with more power icons from the agenda. :)

I haven't tried Siege Preparations as i rarely have very few (or no) cards in hand. There are only two discard effects and you have Dany, Doreah and Lysono with Insight (and you can fetch Lysono with Aegon). So i think Return to the Fields is more useful in terms of draw, gold and also for his ability to dodge resets. Or just stay with Blood of the Dragon.