Martells Matter

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DayneNight 13

"Martells Matter"

Hello All,

The foundation of this deck initially centered around Hellholt and The Honeywine. While using Margaery Tyrell (Core), The Prince's Plan, and "Lord Renly's Ride" to ensure either you won by 5 or even lost by 5. Sword of the Morning can also ensure this while also spending the opponent's line.

This deck also includes a good amount of Knights and Ladies to pull off Lady Sansa's Rose. On the topic, I used to have Crown of Golden Roses to attach to Quentyn Martell (SoD) or even Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) so that Brienne of Tarth (GoH) wouldn't kneel, but it felt too niche of a combo to rely on.

After ideally rushing this amount of power through events/renown. I run Compelled by the Faith to move that power to my faction card ASAP before a reset. Ser Cletus Yronwood definitely helps secure that initiative win to make sure the power gets moved first.

I believe this deck could be better through different plots/cost distribution, though I'm not sure what to add to it. I am hoping you all are willing to try it out and put your own spin on it.


barastag 1

Not a big Martell guy but I really has fun playing this deck!

BananaBuldge 1

It has minimal martell cheesery

9/10 deck