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hechtlinger 84

This is the Sweetrobin deck I've been working on and Alex used to win the Friendly Open 4-0.

The moment Sweetrobin was released I found him to be a beautiful and exceptionally interesting card design-wise. It took a while to figure out how to use it to break the game. The idea of using him in NW with Queenscrown triggers came from here. Odrl suggested adding Goldengrove. Alex added his magic touch and made it more stable (+ won the tournament like the pro he truly is!). NotToday showed it's much stronger with Exchange of Information and The Crone.

What to do here: Protect Sweetrobin, stall the game, use Queenscrown 3-4 times a turn, and mill 8+ cards a turn once you have everything running.

This is by no means T1. It's auto-loss to burn and targeted kill. The draw is not good enough. Unclear what to do if Sweetrobin is dead. But when it works, it's one of the most daunting decks I've played against or with.

The problem here is Goldengrove. The deck exemplifies how broken the location is. If you're addressing this, please fix Goldengrove rather than pod it with Queenscrown. Having 3 Oldtown or Great Hall (R) triggers a turn is just as bad.

Hope you enjoy it here more than on Theironthorne. My apologies to anyone who suffered playing against it. There is no other way to build and test NPE decks.


Klanister 1

once played against this deck it makes us hate you. please try making a deck that makes us admire you. like Harren for example.

Odrl 1249

I definitely admire this deck, I think it's a work of art. :) It's always fascinating to see decks that play the game in a completely different way and still manage to win a lot of the time.

But yeah, Goldengrove is becoming a hated card for most people now. The problem is that some cards don't have a hard limit, because having to kneel them was supposed to limit their use. But any stand completely breaks that idea. Goldengrove is not the only card that can do it, it's just ridiculously cheap and efficient.

YuleOoze 234

Like I posted earlier just change Goldengrove to 'Tyrell card' and that's it, easy money. 😅

BenBarnhart 230

This kind of thing is why I'm still playing Thrones. Bravo, sir.