Northampton Regional King of Swiss 4-0 (lost in cut)

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A deck built for my son to play at the Northampton Regional. Alas he didn't end up coming, but asked me to play his deck. It went 4-0 in Swiss against some excellent decks and players: Paul Geddes piloting Bara 321, Dave Bamford on a more aggressive (perhaps) Stark Fealty, George Ankers on a wonderful low curve Tyrell Assault from the Shadows deck and Ben Cotton on a wicked Targaryen Faceless Men build that beat me second time round in the cut.

The draw in this deck is incredible... with 3 Old Gates, Maege Mormont, Scouts and White Harbour. You could easily add more with Umber Loyalists.

I had a lot of fun with the Favor of the Old Gods attachment, and would probably drop a couple of cards to run all 3 copies. I'd also drop some copies of the bigs to make set up better and to cope with Aggro more. 3x House Manderly Knight to flesh out the low curve.

Wanted to try Greywind Character, but I much prefer the Greywind attachment. Much more useful in a 'no fun' build... An on call trigger (with A Time for Wolves) being able to stop Daario and Drogon for example. For this you'd want to add a second Summer for bouncing back to hand.

No reset in this build, but you'd probably want to add one. With no Bodyguards or Close Call, you might want VD.

Thanks again to Rebecca for hosting and for the amazing EXTRA prize support.

Congrats to Paul for making his first final, only losing on cards in deck, which always seems a bit of an annoying rule for me!

Congrats to Ben Cotton for a wonderful build and his first Regional win I believe.

I look forward to the next bout of REAL Thrones

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