New deck: House Baratheon

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punz 13

2x A Clash of Kings [M] 1x A Feast for Crows 1x A Noble Cause 1x Besieged 1x Compelled by the Faith 1x Coordinated Attack 1x Counting Coppers 1x Desperate Attack 1x Frozen Expanse 1x Grand Melee 1x Supporting the Faith 1x The White Swords 1x Valar Dohaeris 1x Valar Morghulis 1x Wildfire Assault 1x Your King Commands It

3x Anguy the Archer 3x Antler Men 3x Asshai Priestess 3x Bastard in Hiding 3x Bastard of Robert 1x Bonifer the Good 1x City Watch 1x Delena Florent 3x Edric Storm 3x Fiery Followers 3x Flea Bottom Bastard 3x Gendry (NMG) 3x Griffin's Roost Knight 3x Khorane Sathmantes 3x King's Hunting Party 3x King's Men 1x Lyseni Pirate 1x Maester Cressen 3x Maester Pylos 3x Marya Seaworth 1x Melisandre (Core) 3x Melisandre (FotS) 3x Mya Stone 3x River Runner 3x Robert Baratheon (LMHR) [M] 1x Salladhor Saan (FotS) 3x Ser Barristan Selmy (TS) 3x Ser Cortnay Penrose 3x Ser Davos Seaworth (FotS) 1x Ser Eldon Estermont 1x Ser Imry Florent 3x Ser Justin Massey 3x Ser Richard Horpe 3x Shireen Baratheon (Core) 2x Shyra Errol 1x Storm's End Maester 3x The Bastard of Nightsong 2x Valyrian's Crew 1x White Raven 1x Wily Smuggler

3x Hunting Accident 3x King Robert's Warhammer 1x Prince of the Narrow Sea 1x Traitor to the Crown Location (18) 1x Black Betha 1x Blackwater Bay 1x Cape Wrath 1x Chamber of the Painted Table 1x Dragonstone Castle 3x Dragonstone Port 2x King's Gate 3x Storm's End (AMAF) 3x Stormlands Fiefdom 1x The Red Keep (Core) 1x The Stormlands Event (16) 3x Bend the Knee 3x Consolidation of Power 3x In the Name of Your King! 3x Ours is the Fury 1x Privileged Position 3x Public Execution

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