TWOCing - UK melee 2nd place

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Von Wibble 191

Used this in the UK nats melee, came 2nd in a 4 way tie on the final table (losing out on a second tie breaker).

As you can see it is about stealing opponents characters, with pillage there to help fuel the discard pile, and Corpse Lake to help me get the power to win. Coldhands is a game changer as well! There is no reset as the board is generally quite wide and has few dupes, however The Pointy End and Varys's Riddle are both in the plot deck.

Cabbages of War is in there so I can sacrifice Yoren or a Frozen Corpse Lake (Marched doesn't give me the option for the latter) - the fact it also hits my opponents boards and hands is just gravy.

A Game of Thrones can string out an extra round as the intrigue icon isn't as common as the others on big guys in general.

Bay of Seals and Left Hand Lew are fun in melee in general even if I don't steal anything big worth standing.

Changes to the deck - I'd remove Bran the Builder and Loan, and replace with Winter plots, maybe False Spring and Winter Festival (Karhold is a pain in melee!).

For characters, I'd remove Nighttime Marauders (too slow and makes an enemy), all the loyal characters except Yoren and go a bit bigger on Benjen, Ghost of High Heart and Left Hand Lew, as well as finding more pillage.

I also want to find room for Defiance, there was a lot of intimidate around, and Left Hand Lew and Ghost of High Heart (and Benjicot!) get an extra trigger from it.

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