Daario invites to the Targ board - King at the Wall V

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Radek_Z 30

Hello Mates!

I had a great pleasure of visiting old friends in Berlin and participating in the German Nats tournament. Thank you very much Alex for organizing and all the help. Thanks also to the entire team for the warm welcome and well-spent time. It was nice to see you all again. Many thanks to Peter and the Poznan’s team for the trip together.

I decided to play a newly created deck based on 2 modules - burn and mercenaries, with the key interactions Daario - Aegon - Golden Company - Our Word Is Good as Gold, which try to eliminate the inability to use plots with the kingdom trait.

1 Round – Piotr (Bara Wars) – W

I put a lot of pressure from the beginning on Piotr, who unfortunately was unlucky in choosing economic cards. He fought as long as he had the opportunity, but unfortunately my plots and burn events did not allow him to build a strong table.

2 Round - WQB (Martell 321) – L

Dorne in Setup and famous Martell draw didn’t allow me to do more than 10 power tokens I had in 3 round.

3 Round – Dr Boeserich (NW Banner of the Lion) – W

I really liked the innovative and fun-to-play NW/Lion deck. The huge number of stewards under Owen's leadership was incredible. Unfortunately, my deck had exceptional defense capabilities - burn and the ability to add icons to Owen, gave me a big advantage. Daario also did his job here.

4 Round – Zuz (NW A Mummer’s Farce) – L

When it seemed that the 1st snow and burn gave a chance to win, Zuz's strong economy allowed her to build a powerful table again. Additionally, Sorrows vs Blood of the Dragon and Begging Brothers killed chance to victory. On the other hand, Zuz played perfect, as usual.

5 Round – Lukas (Tyrell Rains) – W

A very sad pairing. I don't like games between friends, that decide who gets to the top. It's a pity that someone has to lose, and the winner isn't too happy either. In this game, the clear MVP was Daario, who kept taking the Margaery with duplicate to the Targ’s side. Lukas had previously played against another version of Targ Mfg and expected VM, so built a table to be prepare for it. VD was also very painful then. I was also very lucky in the last round when I received HJ from topdeck and canceled Nightmares on Daario.

TOP 16 – David (GJ Prince) – W

David started very well and aggressively and even Piotr, who saw this part of the game, told me later that he thought the game was over. Fortunately, first VD, then raisen from the sea as a claim and finally Dracarys! on Prince GJ - Tarle (with duplicate) resolved the situation. Plots in the next round - 1st snow vs YWOYD (would leave David with an empty table and no cards vs Daario, Drogon and a few others) made David conceded.

TOP 8 – Siegezug (GJ Fealty) - W

I started the game very tired and distracted, which meant that despite winning several challenges, I didn't trigger the Bran the builder reaction... I was very angry for myself. Fortunately, in the 2nd plot, GJ did not trigger the same plot plot, due to Blood of the Dragon and lack of participation in challenges. In the end, it was an advantage for him, because the dracarys was waiting for Victarion (version for 6 gold). Miraculously, I had a luck to survive the Rise of the Kraken plot. GJ finished with 14 powers and I couldn't use Daario's ability because Aegon had to defend the military challenge both with Naharis, as another undefended challenge would end the game. Fortunately, in the next plot I won the initiative, Balon went at the bottom of the deck (VD), and Daario, after winning the intrigue challenge, took Victorian with 3 power tokens to the Targ board, which gave me 15 tokens. But, if it didn't, Daario would get up and, together with Victorian and the Golden Company, would attack military challange, which would certainly end the game.

TOP 4 – Hanno ( Stark Mfg) – L

I decided to keep cards in setup despite the lack of economy, as I had a baby dragon, 2 dracarys, consulming flames, Plaza of Pride (2 dracarys in a row), Lysono Maar and Our Word. The chance to even triple burn and insight seemed nice. Unfortunately, Our word missed first time in this tournament and the strong Hanno table won militarily and increased its claim. In the next turn, Daario and the father allowed us to equalize the balance on the table. But when in the 3rd round Hanno killed both Daario and Aegon, and then I had no opportunity to stop him in round four (2xwinter festival in the meantime), I conceded.

Many thanks again to Alex for the organization and invitation, to everyone for a great time and big congratulations to everyone for the great duels and, of course, to Hanno and Lennart for the perfect playing. The King of the North has returned to the throne!


mak 313

Congrats on your top4 Radek!

Radek_Z 30

thanks Mak!

argento 649

Very nice deck mate, surprising and powerful ! Congrats !

Magnus 121

Very well played mate, and this deck is awesome! Hope we'll play in the next tourney!!