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Zrowrequiem 87

This is my version of Martell Assault. I have been playing this list on/off for a long time and the new tricks released in recent cycle have given many options to the deck. I was inspired to build it by @supportofthepeople on youtube - my friend that got me into the only game that matters and crushed me with his version many times in the pre-redesign days.

This deck struggles particularly against other shadow decks. However, once you have enough pieces setup - you can effectively deny all reasonable gameplay through recursive removal (A Pinch of Powder, Poisoned Coin) and wipe an entire board with ease.

General gameplan is to go second and deny free power until you can setup a pivot turn. Dohaeris / First Snow -> Marched -> 2nd Marched!!! can catch a lot of decks off guard.

Here are a few of the fun tricks to be found (might be basic to fellow shadow devotees).

  • Some characters, especially in Martell, have significantly cheaper cost to marshal based on strong enters play effects. Assault lets you use this printed cost instead of ambush cost for things like Areo Hotah and Southron Messenger.
  • Edric Dayne / Arianne Martell are the key characters in the deck. Edric + The Shadow City = free 2 cards in challenges phase. Edric + Southron Escort = free trigger. Arianne sets up all the best plays (and is hot).
  • Edric + Poisoned Coin = poisoned coin goes directly back into shadows and can be played on the next challenge. Tears of Lys seemed good, but this is the only kill event that lets you trigger multiple times.
  • Shadow City + Southron Escort both serve to get a shadow card into discard pile for A Traitor's Whisper. With Flea Bottom these characters can be played for cheaper. With starfall spy + shadow city + flea bottom, you can draw 2 cards, activate traitor's whisper and put it back into shadows to use its reaction all for 1.

There is some room to improve the deck.

  • I was on Fallen from Favor initially as the starting plot, but switched to At the Gates after the un-ban. One lets you move faster and basically guarantees you can setup a counter-attack, the other sets up a longer game. Can setup The Highroad if gates in hand.
  • Sunspear is good, Summer Sea Port is also good. I go back and forth on these every matchup.
  • New Doran, Lysa, and Core Varys are personal picks, not sure that these actually contribute anything to the deck.
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