Martell MFG army Top 4 Stahleck 2023

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Thegars 33


mak 308

Bravo Zegars! Many-Faced God + War Scorpion 💪

Derry 126

beautiful. did you think Riddle was worth it? congrats!

Thegars 33

Yes Riddle is one of the better economy plot in MFG, plus it has high initiative which is important for the deck and work extremely well with 0 0 0. Copying a when reveal is just a bonus.

Mad 1

Congratulations for your impressive performance !

Gabryel 10

Huge congrats for a deck that you didnt play a lot in real before !

lennart-ip 761

Congrats and what a great Deck! I never thougt about the squire and the Kings Landing Mob. Definetly gonna try it