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Harren 543

Hi everyone!

First of all it was a pleasure to meet you again this year in Stahleck, this is such a fantastic community.

Here is the deck that I piloted to Top 8 with a lot of grinding in nearly all my games. Although it is very difficult to choke these days, the deck can put up a good fight against almost everything.

If you have any comments or suggestions let me know.



Derry 126


Johannes 441

Congrats for an amazing run once again!

Couple of questions since I've been toying around GJ Winter myself. Did you consider the Harlaw Scouts as chuds for the deck since you run First Snow and are low on int icons? Also, did you miss two claim winter plot at any stage of the tournament? How about Marched?

lennart-ip 773

Congrats Harren! A great performance especially with the current spot of the Kraken in my opinion

Serwus 117

Congrats from the other choke in top 8 :)

Harren 543

Thank you guys. @Johannes I think you can swap Shipwrights for Harlaw Scouts but the ability on shipwrights is easier to trigger and I wanted to choke (although it was impossible in all my games). Regarding claim 2 and Marched I think this deck cannot afford it because you need to go heavy on winter high gold plots because of the top end curve of characters, in the end they are the ones that win you the games. In fact double Winter Reserves was key in a lot of matches.

mak 313

Another strong performance in Stahleck! Congrats @Harren!

FrankDB 1

Did you consider adding Corpse Lake for luck? You have a lot of pillage here.