Maesters tried to burn the world Stahleck 2023 - 6W3L TOP20

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Gabryel 11

A Targ Conclave version that is less strong than Werner's exceptional targ Conclave but which still gave me satisfaction this weekend.

I was a little fed up with burn being totally discredited and I wanted to show that it was still very much alive!

Regarding my defeats:

  • Round 3 against Werner's Targ Conclave: No eco t1, I have 4 characters on the board including Daenerys and Maester Gormont, while he has Drogon and Rhaegal => Nightmare on Dany, field of the Dragon therefore -2 everywhere and therefore cleaned board. Game over !

  • Round 8 against GJ Winter from Harren: Little eco t1, the game is over for good when he saves Asha with double risen (including 1 canceled by my HJ) on my turn of blood of the Dragon + Crown of Gold t3 or t4 , perpetuating the tradition of GJs always having Risen in hand :D

  • Cut against Targaryen Crossing by Andrei Potop: The game is played plot phase t1 when he kills Maester Merwyn with Heads on Spike. Frustrating because I came back well and even went ahead on points at the end of the game, but not enough before my valar morghulis.

A good tournament then, with a slightly disappointing ending but I'm happy with the overall result!


RaelagCZE 60

Hi Gabryel! David from Round 6 here. I see how awesome resources you got against my NW ;) 6/8 burns + danni + 2 highroads thanks to archmaster Marwyn till 3rd plot... Its very nice deck, I was hoping you could reach the top. Pity.. But still amazing job!

mak 313

Nice burn deck! Bravo Gab 😉!