The Consistent Stark - 18th & 2nd best Stark @ Stahleck 2023

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Spirit_Bear 38

This is the deck I grinded for the past few months. My goal at the beginning of the year was to find a suitable deck and grind it until Stahleck to reach the cut. I always wanted to reach the cut at Stahleck so I defined this as my personal goal in my GoT career, especially after being out for three years in the meantime, coming back just for Stahleck last year where I performed horribly.

Huge shoutout to argento who, at least for me, is the originator of this deck and posted it in the 8R group.

For me, playing a rather simple, but hugely underestimated and consistent deck, in addition to being Stark, as it is one of my favorite factions of the lore and in the card game, was the reason choosing this deck. At Stahleck I went 6-2 in Swiss, only losing to Alex and Stepan, who themselves went 5th and 7th place in the tournament. David rekt me in the Cut because I am stupid to play AtG with his Gulltown being in the Setup and therefore my gameplan was already in the bin right from the bat.

In addition this deck won me a Regional and I went King of Swiss and 3rd place at German Nationals this year.

Of course this deck does not invent the wheel completely new, but especially some plot decisions by argento make this deck super strong and although changing some cards from the blueprint deck, catered to my needs and personal preferences, the power of this deck derives of course from the goodstuff, but especially from the plots.

That said, although this does not seem quite interesting or new to a lot of experienced players, I always advocated to share decks after Stahleck so less experiences deckbuilders and players can obtain useful information and solid decks to play. I am not a good deckbuilder myself – that is probably the reason, but I think some changes to this deck made it especially solid for Stahleck. And I always wanted to post my deck after a solid performance, so here I am :D

Game plan & idea:

  • The main plan of this classic midrange deck is obviously to gain power by either the big number of Renown characters and even some Stealth characters like Arya, Meera and Alysane fast, while also having certain options for the late game due to the insane card draw abilities Stark has these days

  • The deck can build up high pressure due to the amount of the Renown characters and the Heir to the Throne in turn 2. In turn 3, depending on the situation, the game can be closed either by denying a reset using The Crone, by getting 2 power extra due to Winter Festival or by using the second Heir to either search for a dupe if a reset is expected or get another bomb or useful tool to the board.

  • As basically every card is intrinsically good, no complex interactions between are needed to create value, making this deck extremely beginner friendly and useful for Stahleck, where brain resources and attention can easily wane after sleep depreciation and lots of playing time

  • In my opinion, the deck is a prime example for a solid deck, with matchup win/loss percentages ranging between 65% and 35% percent – there is no clear auto-loss or auto-win matchup.

  • As this deck relies on board presence, it is obviously at a disadvantage against a wide range of attrition decks

  • The original deck only ran characters and locations. I added Nightmares, because it is one of the best cards in the game, as well as Milks and Bodyguards, just to have tools for as many matchups as possible. This makes it the "most solid deck" to reach cuts in tournaments with a high number of participants and different deck archetypes.

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