Here we go again - Czech nats winner, Stahleck top 32 (almos

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Raius 602

Hello Guys, There is not much to say.

This is the deck I played at

Czech nats 1st (almost the same) -

Stahleck joust 32nd (no top 32 cut) -

Stahleck team event 2nd (we would probably win, but one rulling broke our dreams) -

Overall I had 16:5 with Lannister Kingdom of Shadows which I think is quite a success.

I do remember some games, but it's just too late to report it for you and no one really cares about the deck that didn't even made the cut, so If you have any questions about the deck, strategies or plays, just ask and I will reply in as much details as possible :)

Thank you to @Martozar for helping me with the testing on the castle (deja vu ;))

Honorable mentions to Radek Z, Stepan Kadlec, Tassos, Marti Foz and Lord Puky for really nice and close games on one of the tournaments.

In the end, BIG thanks to Shwaig, Pheline and all the other Stahleck crew for making this spectacular event happening every year. Even my wife already knows it's more than Christmas to me :) so, thanks for this gift!

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Magnus 120

I would love to have the patience to play this beast. Well built as always boss! :)