Martell Rains 2024

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Scoundrel80 1

Hi guys, so this is my first published deck. It tries to clear the path for rains triggers by way of icon denial and then wins by renown and dorans game.


  • eco is meh. Mainly because i dont have the initiative on my plots to ensure 2 gold from those fiefdoms. I sometimes have a hard time securing 2 gold for vengeance in the challenges phase. Are there any better setups?

  • At the gates -> gulltown -> ricasso is meant to get the most out of those secret schemes, dorans game, knights of the sun, quentyn etc. Is it woth it? i think it is, actually.

  • the deck needs a few more icon tricks, i feel. Starfall seems clunky and hard to find, the dessert raiders seem broken in the original version and a bit costly with the prize keyword. Maybe just a third copy of dornish spy and call it quits?

  • i would love some easy to find attachment control. Right now all i have is 2x tibwhid but that causes me to lose all the power on red viper. Its fine but not optimal. Do ou guys even find this necesary?

  • is valar m the right reset for such a build? that turn with no claim, no ini and almost no gold is just brutal. On the other hand, this deck struggles with super fat boards. Im not sure whats better here. Valar D would often leave me with the viper and whatever 3-4 cost ariane could swop into. It might be a better option.

  • do i have the right scheemes? Pointy end maybe? (yeah, i am open to some fan mades and (r) cards)

Any comments are appreciated!



Water Gardens 2x for Econ. 3x Secret Schemes, because it is a great card.

Scoundrel80 1

Cool. What should i Cut then? Anything that seems weak?


11 limited is too much. 9 is fine plus water gardens. Why The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due?

Scoundrel80 1

Yeah. Good question. Its just a really good all purpose event. If you need to save a guy from a reset, clear a milk, make som fast money, save a guy from tears etc. Good utility.


Yes, it's a good card. But Secret Schemes is a great card and you also need your faction cars for that. So maybe cut 1x Iron Bank?

Scoundrel80 1

yup. true. i'll give it a go. thanks!

Req 7

The answer to all your initiative problems is Ser Cletus