Armies North and South

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CMonster907 21

This is an update to my original army themed deck. After a few plays I decided it was much to swingy. It could crush or make resounding comebacks, but it could also flounder horribly. I had a few to many games with to much intrigue and no military and a few where I didn’t really struggle with gold but it didn’t stretch as far as I thought it would.

Changes to my original deck: Littlefinger replaced Paxter Redwyne. The 1 extra cost to play is worth the card draw. Benjen got added, I was wanting a little more military umph, my other Nightswatch are mostly rangers, and this deck is ripe for big power swings so Benjen seemed a perfect fit despite the cost for military strength and power gain. Unsworn apprentice and arbor knight were added, they seem like a nice fit of cost for strength. Took out 2 copies of The Wall to play more events, the deck plays more aggressive than defensive so for 4 cost, the Wall ended up sitting in my hand a lot. Added Put to the Sword and Superior Claim, hopefully should make the Muster the Realm plays even stronger. Plots got shaken up a bunch of times. I added Supporting the Faith for a little extra gold push and so opponents couldn’t do events/ambush. Additions like the Hound and the ever present Dracarys! made this seem like a good choice. Fortified Position might also work instead. I may also remove arbor knight to have 3 copies each of Left and Right, those dudes are baller together.

Any comments of improvements you would make are appreciated.

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