Green Snow

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Rather than the typical Wall defense archetype, I strived to make an aggressive NW deck featuring Jon Snow.

The deck is weak early and so 3x Aemon, Calm plot, and lots of dupes is necessary to protect it while it gets going. Calling the Banners is money (literally), and played a couple rounds in can net you 8+ gold by itself with nice initiative.

Lots of renown featured here with Jon + Longclaw, elder Tarly, and Knight of Flowers. Ghost is very helpful in pushing through offensive challenges. Put to the Sword and Tears of Lys give you varied kill options.

The deck can sit on the Wall if it needs to, though it prefers not to. The Wall is not the centerpiece here like in most NW builds but Building Orders can certainly find it or someone's sword if you fancy.

Finally, Martell-like huge power bursts can be generated with Winds of Winter/Clash of Kings played with Olenna's Informant,

If you run into Baratheon, you can prioritize elder Tarly over Jon (who is completely ruined by kneel with no way to stand him).

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