Singapore SC 8-0: House Lannister, Banner of the Sun, 26 pla

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The Sunny MerLion - A Battle Proven Control Deck (Nationals, 8 3 3 2.0

dominion23 114

Took this deck to the Gamersaurus Rex Store Championship in Singapore. Total of 26 players turn out. Went Undefeated in 5 rounds of Swiss and Cut to Top 8. Finals mirror match.

MVP: Nymeria Sand. While Tywin and Tyrion were the mainstay of any Lannister deck, Nymeria helped edge mirror matches by bringing down Tywin (and even Dany) down with Tears. While Lanni Rose had the highest strength and renown potential, and Targ remained scary, Nymeria’s ability to kill the big characters in this meta makes her really dangerous.

Full Report in link. Feel free to ask any questions


Fruggles 101

Why Counting Coppers? Playing an almost identical list, I've found I'd much rather go first, thinking about playing a second wheelhouse for that reason.

eldub 2

Can you submit to The White Book?

dominion23 114

@Fruggles: counting coppers for mid game card draw. if I don't draw into pycelle or Lannisport by turn 3, my hand can be quite depleted especially against mirrors. Also useful to dig for toolbox options when I don't need to press board advantage: cards like hand, treachery, and kill

dominion23 114

@eldubdone! :)