7-0 1st Place NYC Store Champs Lanni/Sun

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jm2215 717

This is the deck I used to go 7-0 through 5 rounds of swiss and the top 4 to win yesterdays NYC Store Champs. The event had 26 people. A full tournament report will be on the next episode of The Brotherhood Without Manners Podcast (coming early-mid week).
I wrote an article detailing the reasons I made certain deck construction choices that can be found at. www.brotherhoodwithoutmanners.com

This is a direct link to the article: http://brotherhoodwithoutmanners.com/aar-1stplace-storechamp-022016/

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ToucanPlay 2

Hey thanks for sharing. I wanted to ask, do you have any rule of thumb for mulligans in this deck? How many cards you aim for, what cards will make you take a bad setup, just to make sure you have them in hand?

Also, I probably should've posted this on the podcast site, but I'm to lazy to sign up: keep up the good work with the podcast. I was standing in line in the bank yesterday laughing my ass off at the duel between Cripple Bran and Jon Arryn, and later with the horse and the wildlings.

Props on the good results!