Thrones WAR top 4 Night's Watch/Kraken

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Crevic 78

Went 4-1 in swiss at Thrones WAR with this deck, and made it to the top 8, and won the quarterfinal, but lost a close one in the semis. The only game I lost in swiss was because I got greedy and mulliganed out of a decent 3 card setup, which ended up being a horrible 2 card Asha and Sea Tower, and only saw 4 total characters in 3 rounds. Beat a Targ Fealty in the quarterfinals, lost to Targ/Lion in the semi, after my PttS on Jaime got Hand's Judgemented.

Huge props to kidohearts and Dan Strouhal's decks for the inspiration. Yoren is such a great card, especially paired with Varys and Marched. Funny enough, I think I only used Varys 3 times total all day, the deck can establish board presence really well and win challenges. I think my favorite Yoren recruit was a Bastard Daughter, which caused my opponent to stop doing military challenges to keep his hand.


Amoon 1

Did the single Hand's Judgment prove enough versus Treachery?

kidohearts 1236

@Crevic Well done, interesting changes and glad to see you enjoyed it.

Crevic 78

Largely due to the tournament format, being only 4/32 Lannister players (and most everyone else bannering to the Sun,) I actually didn't see any Lanni (banner or main house) until the top 4 game, which I had my Hands Judgement when I Varys'd, but he didn't play Treachery. Unfortunately it got intrigued later, and I wish it hadn't, because I could have used it when I tried to PttS Jaime, which likely would have won me the game. But yes, I would never say no to more HJs.

Intlfamily 16

@CrevicCongrats on a good finish! What are your thoughts on Little Bird? How valuable was it? I have been playing @kidoheartsversion and had good success during league play and hope to continue that in my first tournament this weekend. Also, I was thinking of replacing Unsworn Apprentice, which was in @kidoheartslatest list, with Newly Made Lord from A King's Peace. The expected meta is anyone's guess, but I know Lannister and Greyjoy are heavily played in this area. Thoughts on any other changes you would make with The King's Peace?