Thrones WAR - Dornish Brothel: 2nd after swiss and 3rd over

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SDthrones 20

Just had a great time at Thrones W.A.R with the amazing SoCal meta. The deck performed well all day and was part of team Martel which came in 2nd overall. I originally built the deck because I liked the name and it turned out to be good. Strip and Kneel makes for a great Dornish Brother. The amount of control this affords makes waiting for Doran's game easy to close out for the win. Seen in flames is perhaps my favorite card in the game and Dawn on a Fiery Followers is so much fun late in the game. I was 5-2 in on the day with one of the losses being a Mod-Loss and both losses were to the same Lanni player who won the entire tournament.

Round 1: W vs Bara/Sun. Turn 3 Vary's board clear when hand was empty and I rolled. Not much else to say but the deck does great against Bara and laughs at the Red Keep.

Round 2: W vs Night's Watch/Kraken. When I drew back up after setup I had all three Doran's games in my hand. Not what you want, but I started playing on round 3 and was able to Tears Vary's in Round 4 to help close it out. Night's Watch also did amazing in this tournament, and there were not easy to play.

Round 3: L vs Lanni/Wolf. My first loss came as a Mod-Loss after an hour at 8-7. He won dom to break the tie. First round I had the feeling that he had a PTTS, but only had 1 gold. Tried to confine Tyrion, but he used bran to stop it and then Nymeria tried to take Tywin's mil icon, but he used Treachery to cancel it. He did have it and killed Nymeria round 1, which hurts a lot. I drew 2 Ghaston Grey's so I was able to stem the tide for a while, but it was just to much.

Round 4: W vs Tyrell/Sun. This one was after lunch, and I was feeling tired (damn tacos). I don't remember much except that I beat Ryan Jones for the first time ever. He is a significantly better player than I, and even though Vary's destroyed him, I still almost loss.

Round 5: W vs Bara/Fealty. Similar to other Bara game. Vary's destroys board round 3 and I roll. Not much to say again besides this beat Bara the vast majority of the time because your control is better.

I ended 2nd after Swiss at 4-1 with a Mod-Loss.

Top 8: W vs Greyjoy/Sun. Turn 1 Tears Balon, Turn 2 Tears Damphair. He had 2 of the new ship out which made him still get some power. Luckliy I remembered that Rise of the Kraken was coming and I played Pentoshi to crap on the board and stop all of the unopposed challenges coming my way. Ended up with Doran and a Viper with Dawn on him to do a 25 strength intrigue and Doran's game for the win. This deck also does well against Greyjoy.

Top 4: L vs Lanni/Wolf. Same deck as before. Round 1 he had a duped Tyrion and Jaime on the board with Tywin and 2 chuds. Turn 2 he a duped Tywin with Seal and Turn 3 he had Eddard. No Nymeria or Ghaston meant the game was over quickly. I don't think I even made a mistake anywhere, I just don't think any deck I ever built could handle that. With all of those Dupes, Vary's wasn't doing crap.

Martell is really tricky to play and you can't make many mistakes so it take a lot of concentration. They have a bright future and will continue to perform better than people expect. Overall a lot of fun, and I still hate Lanni, though they had the best costumes for the team at the event. Congrat's to Kevin for a great Lanni deck and playing it perfectly and thanks to Ryan Jones for yet another amazing Thrones W.A.R.

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