Fire and Gold: Road to Winterfell Version

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Alexfrog 256

The decklist I would play for Targ/Lanni in Road to Winterfell set, after some experience.

  • Crown of Gold (Its amazing)
  • Milk of the Poppy (I think you need them now because of Nymeria. Also Tywin and for Dany in Mirror matches)

-1 Fire and Blood (Its ok but there are too many things we need) -1Illyrio's Estate (Dont need as much economy with Trading with the Pentoshi) -1 Tears of Lys (Had to cut something for Milk)

  • Calm over Westeros for Trading with the Pentoshi: Trading with the Pentoshi is awesome in this deck...if no one is playing Naval Superiority. If they do, you cant play this. If you are playing against lots of Stark or Greyjoy trying to blow you out, you cannot cut Calm. Trading with the Pentoshi has been awesome for me so far, enabling things like Jaime + Drogo both played turn 1, but its a meta call.

-Brothel Madame: I tried her and she wasnt worth it in this deck. She seems good in Lannister main deck though. -Shadowblack Lane: I tried it and it wasnt worth it. Its not consistent, and cutting other events for more Targ faction events made the deck worse.

There are some people trying to play decks with Shadowblack Lane and Rebuilding, but I think they've gone overboard on trying to draw an extra Dracarys. Play better cards that are more useful in general, and be able to win games even when you don't get Dracarys, or only get one.

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