Crown of Fire and Gold (2 Core version)

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x_chan99 1

I scratch my previous decks as some of those were not consistent enough. This is take two at building 4 decks with 2 Core sets and the chapter packs (I have 3 cores, so I can use multiple neutral cards, but I can only use 2 cores for meta reasons). My new decks are:

  • Crown of Fire and Gold (Targ/Lion)
  • We do not Bow (GJ/Sun)
  • Lady Stark's Rose (Tyrell/Wolf)
  • Watched in Flames (Baratheon/NW)

The first of those decks is the Targ/Lion one. I was able to win a 6 players melee tournament and a 6 players joust tournament with this one. I think it's solid enough.

Any suggestions are very welcomed.

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