Taking the White: Tyrell Crossing

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Patrick_haynes 393

I took this deck to second place at a Madison Store Championship and a casual tournament. Check out whitebookpodcast.com for the full write up on the deck. Also it looks like I forgot to add the Agenda. If it wasn't clear from the title this is Lords of the Crossing not no Agenda.


jrosen9 1

I've been tinkering with a similar deck. I still need to cut it down some. My concern was the lack of ladys for Sansa's Rose. Did you ever have an issue of not having a lady out?

Sunny 1

This is a FUN deck. I'm stoked to see my green team back in its rightful place in competition.

Sunny 1

With regards to ladies, It's rarely a problem. You've got 3 margy's and hobber, plus the queen if she gets in there. I thought it would be an issue so I bannered stark for a while, but it really isn't.

Patrick_haynes 393

Agreed about the ladies, between Marg and QoT it is rarely an issue.

Zeyar 134

How is The Mander working for you? 3 seems expensive in a deck that tries to win around turn 3 and can play pleasure barges

Patrick_haynes 393

The mander is really good if you can play it with Support of the People but otherwise it falls flat. I suggest switching to 3 barges and 1 mander.

peterhelm 1

xikitins 53

I love rush, and love this deck! I have read the las taking the white article about this deck and after playing the deck I was surprised about your feeling of Hand judgement. I find this deck is weak to tears of lys, and Hand judgement is the only "proctection" card the deck has. I agree that lots of times hand judgement does nothing in some games, but some protection is needed. Losing Randyll or Loras in the first rounds of the game is something that probably cost you the game. Do you think the same way? or how do you deal with the "character kill" decks with 5-6 slots between Tears and PTTS?

Corum89 47

Good deck! I've had good results with Shadowblack Lane to fetch Lady Sansa's Rose. With the amount of you have in here, you might consider Growing Strong for challenge manipulation.

SerNakata 7

Is Syrio Forel important in this deck? He's a bit expensive, and I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have an additional Kinght (Ser Hobber Redwyne) or another Lady (The Queen of Thorns).

mrmychal 1

Interesting omissions: Lady Olenna's Informant, Highgarden (though it's expensive) and Olenna's Cunning (surprising since it can be used to tutor important locations/characters).