Snortin up that Lannicrack

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Fruggles 101

About a kneely as the Lannister Baratheon combo - just minus the kneel.

Idea here is to manage the opponent's board - either you're taking cards out of their hand or forcing some hard-hitting military challenges with stealth back-up. It's a fairly rushy deck, and struggles against the true-kneel bara decks, but if they don't have a response for an early stealth duo or the gold gain you can generate from lannister, then your late-game aeron recursion (making it safe to let the oppo have a free military swing back) becomes a big thorn in their side.

Couple that with a bunch of fairly high-initiative plots and you've got some super aggro lions and squids knocking at your door.

Anger is coming, and it's got gold to back it up.

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