The North Remembers: SC Winner (x3)

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CameronD 719

MARCH 12th SC:

Game 1: (W) Tyrell/Stag

Game 2: (W) Martell Crossing

Game 3: (W) Martell Crossing

Game 4: (W) Lanni/Rose

Won my 3rd Store Championship with this deck today, the results are above. I didn't make any changes since the last tournament. There was no cut so it was simply a straight 4-0 win. Catelyn and Hot Rod did some serious, serious work today.



Game 1: (W) Tyrell/Lion

Game 2: (W) Martell/Rose

Game 3: (W) Lanni/Sun

Game 4: (W) Martell Crossing

Game 5: (W) Greyjoy Fealty

Game 6: (W) Lanni/Sun

Game 7: (W) Tyrell/Lanni

This is the 2nd Store Championship win for this deck. It was very, very consistent all day long and I believe I only mulligan'd a setup once. I'm liking Wolf Dreams a lot so far. Being able to pull Summer for recursion, Lady, or even a dupe of Grey Wind (Tears fear is real) can be really nice.

The third game against Lanni/Sun was the closest of the day, with each of us tied at 14-14. But to close it out I flipped Marched to the Wall, which got rid of his Nymeria and allowed me to go first to seal the deal. Not too surprisingly, Grey Wind was probably the MVP today.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this relatively short. If you have any questions, let me know! Go Team Minnesota! (Note: Added results for the two other SC's I won.)


Game 1: (W) Lanni/Sun

Game 2: (W) Martell/Rose

Game 3: (W) Stark Fealty

Game 4: (W) Stark Fealty


Katogamerguy 1

This was an awesome deck to watch. I'm just glad I didn't have to face it this week. Hopefully it works half as well for me as it does for you. Thank you for sharing.

Patrick_haynes 403

How did Winterfell castle work for you? Did you ever find yourself missing Direwolf pups or like warm rain?

CameronD 719

Honestly, I don't think I ever had Winterfell Castle out. I believe I saw it once but chose to marshal/play something else instead. But I have had games before where's it's been pretty great. I think it's a good one-of that could swing a game that's running long into your favor. Not sure if it'll make the cut once the box comes out but I think it's better than people think.

Yeah, as you can tell I swapped the pups for the Hedge Knights and Like Warm Rain for Wolf Dreams. Didn't really miss those cards today. You lose a little synergy with Summer by ditching the pups but chances are you're going to grabbing one of the Stark kids over them anyway. The Kennel Master takes a hit too, but I've only got 2 copies, and his ability is best used with Lady anyway.

eldub 2

Submit to The White Book?

CameronD 719

Sure thing.

Solaris 1

Congrats for your win! I have Pups and Like Warm Rain but I'll try your deck and see if Hedge Knights is better. Can you tell me if Ser Cassel is worth it instead of Eddard Stark?

CameronD 719

Yes, I like Hot Rod more than Eddard. I would recommend at least running one copy of him. I haven't run Ned in quite a while after deciding he wasn't worth the 7 gold, at least in joust.

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Congratulations on your victory! I am a big fan os Stark myself, and always play them in tournaments :) Couple of questions:

1) Do you normally use Sneak Attack as an opener, or as a finisher? Maybe both, depending on the game state? If more as a finisher, wouldn't Clash of Kings be better?

2) did Wildfire Assault ever backfire on you? In my games with Stark Fealty I usually found myself needing a big board to have characters support each other (Kennel Master, Ser Rodrick, Luwin giving insight to Robb, Summer giving insight to Bran, etc) and therefore Wildfire Assault ended up being a useless plot, or even bad for me if the game stretched.

And 3) In your games vs Lanni and maybe Greyjoy, didn't you find yourself not being able to attack and win military challenges? Especially with Lannister, they have multiple ways of dealing with that, and generally speaking, stronger military characters than Stark.

Thanks a lot and congrats again :)

CameronD 719

Thanks, Manuel!

1) I very rarely use Sneak Attack as an opener. Most of the time it's either Summons, A Noble Cause, or Calm Over Westeros. Sneak Attack is mainly used to maintain MIL pressure but I definitely have used it to close out a game via a POW challenge. Sometimes that 11 initiative is very important.

2) Wildfire doesn't really backfire. Either I use it and hurt my opponent mid game or I hold off on it and try to close out the game before I have to flip it. Worst case scenario, I hold on to Summer (or Wolf Dreams to get her) and recur one of the dead Stark kids back after Wildfire. Luwin is nice but he's a one-of so if he has to go sometimes, it's not a huge deal. I like being able to control the board size, especially in a deck that likes to murder.

3) It's true that Lannister has some big MIL characters, but they are expensive, and if I can maintain pressure from the beginning then it's usually not a problem. Once you have that advantage, Grey Wind helps you keep it. Arya's stealth helps a lot too in this regard. Greyjoy can be nasty if they're able to get Balon out and keep him out but this deck seems to win most of the time against the kraken.

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Very useful answers, thank you so much!

Jushirou 1

I played this deck (slightly modified) today 6 times - won every single game (2x Tyrell LOTC, Targ Fealthy, Martell LOTC and Fealthy and Greyjoy fealthy)

Winterfell Castle is great sometimes - it can screw your opponent so hard, when they don't expect it :)

I was using completely different plot deck.

CameronD 719

Glad to hear Stark is performing for you! It really is a fun deck.

treyalsup 7

Other than Bran, how do you deal with Tears of Lys and intrigue based decks in general?

CameronD 719

Well, there are a number draw-like effects in the deck. So while I may be losing some INT challenges on defense, I shouldn't be running out of cards very often. Calm Over Westeros could help stop the bleeding too. Little Bird, Bran, Catelyn, and good ol' fashioned dupes should prevent Tears adequately. Losing Robb or Grey Wind sucks so try not to leave them exposed. I have used Summons to look for a dupe before.

hotpie 1

What a solid performance for house Stark! Nice work. I have been testing this deck a little today and I wanted to ask you what a good set up looks like in your mind? I am having a hard time deciding who I want out on set up, and when to mulligan or not. Thanks for the write up!

CameronD 719

Stark setups can be fickle sometimes, which is why I will always try to keep the number of events relatively low to offset it. You should be aiming for about 4 cards for setup. 3 is okay if you're setting up a 5 or 6 coster in the process. Of course, never setup a lone character if you can help it. Marched to the Wall is everywhere.

Cards I hate seeing for setup: Summer, Arya, Ice, any event.

Cards I love seeing for setup: Bran, Sansa, any economy (Roseroad especially), Gates of Winterfell, Iron Throne.

Don't be afraid to setup Littlefinger either, if you're able to setup another body alongside him. Sure, drawing those 2 cards when you marshal him is nice but I would argue that having that +1 gold from the beginning of the game is just as good. It's like a mini-Tywin. This will also make Syrio easier to play too when/if you see him.

Try to save Ice for marshaling, and if you are fairly confident you have the MIL edge, try to be second player so your opponent potentially marshals a juicy target for it.

MrPink10 2

I brought the same deck in a tournament in Italy with 17 people, and i won 4 matches against Lannister Fealty, Greyjoy Fealty, Martell Lord of the Crossing and a bye. I'm arrived to the Top 8 and i won the quarter and the semifinal against Greyjoy Fealty and Lannister Fealty, but i lost the final with a Bara Fealty. So i would like to thank you for this great deck :)

CameronD 719

That's awesome to hear! I'm glad it performed for you. It's a fun deck, isn't it? Yeah, Baratheon can be dangerous if you're unable to get the Robb and Grey Wind combo running early.

treyalsup 7

Looking forward to the video.

MrPink10 2

Yes, is very fun :) Indeed i lost for the Stannis strategy and he continued to kneel Grey Wind with R'hollor every turn or with Filthy Accusations plot and i try to raise all the characters with Wildfire but it was too late.

cooleo1c 147

Here is it's most recent Store Championship win:

Geoman15 9

Hi, i just watched some games of yours and deck is looking awesome! I'm interested how did it go against Targaryen decks, if you encountered them at all? (since i see in your SC game lists there are none)

CameronD 719

It does pretty well against Targ. Bran and Catelyn help a lot with Dracarys, as well as the attachments that add strength (Lady, Ice). It is a little odd that I didn't face any in those SC's but I can assure you this deck can hold it's own against dragons. :)

Geoman15 9

Thought so, thanks for answering :)

Manuel Cabezalí 431

I have built and played a similar deck to this, but made some minor tweaks, all according to my playstile:

  • Removed the Hedge Knights and went back to Wolf Puppie x2: while Hedge Knight is a better character itself, the fact that it is not a stark character removes some synergy from the deck. I.e., you can't trigger Robb's reaction if he dies.

  • Removed Castle of Winterfell and Iron Throne, added Milk of the Poppy x2. Milk can come in handy in certain games where you are not being able to win the necessary military challenges, or whatever challenge that is important to you. You have plenty of targets for Confiscation, too. Worst case scenario, it can forced your opponent to choose between Ice/lady or milk of the poppy. Also, it's a good card in general and I'm never sad to draw it. It makes the setups a little worse, though (they're still acceptable)

  • I switched Calm before Westeros for A Clash of Kings. This is mainly due to Greyjoy being really popular in the Madrid meta. I wanted to have one more HIgh init plot, and Clash of Kings is a good one. It helps closing some tight games, which is good too! :)

  • Added a 3rd Winterfell Kennel Master. Just Because he's fun to play with, and I like to have him around.

As you see these are only minor tweaks, as the spirit of the deck remains intact. I'm having a really good time playing it, and so far the results are really positive.

Just one question though, which and how do you plan to include the new cards from Wolves of the North when it comes out? The way I see it, it doesn't seem like Stark will be growing in the aggro-oriented way that this deck does so well, but more in a kind of rush/control, based on lots of characters with renown, multiple challenges, etc.

Thanks for your time!

CameronD 719

I have absolutely no issue with people taking the template of this deck and making it their own. I'm happy to hear that it has been doing well in other metas. As far as Wolves of the North goes, it can only make this deck better. Having (a lot more) options is never a bad thing. Wolves is going to allow for a lot of viable Stark builds. Fealty will still be great but you're going to see Stark/Rose quite a bit as well as some solid LotC decks. One of the problems this deck can have is that it's not fast enough. It really does rely on Robb's renown. Having another heavy hitter like The Blackfish and WotN Eddard is going to be nice. Winter is coming.

Scot 7

I have a deck similar to this that had Counting Coppers which I switched to Summons after reading yours, but I really missed the extra cards from CC and had bad luck with Summons not finding useful characters, not to mention the guaranteed initiative loss that round. Do you prefer Summons just for the better economy or do you find it often finds an important card?

CameronD 719

I don't know. I never seem to have a problem finding a useful character with Summons. Sometimes I'll use it hoping from something like Robb or Grey Wind any maybe I won't see them, but grabbing Arya, Catelyn, or Summer can be just as good depending on the board. I prefer it over Counting Coppers simply because I find the 2 gold to be crippling. Initiative is important, you're right, but so is getting the right characters in play to win you the game.

DanSolo 79

Soooo, everybody's got to be does 'No Middle Ground' change/affect this deck?!!! What would you add/subtract and thoughts behind these changes?! Thanks in advance!

aron13 1

I want to know what would you add too :D ! Maybe replace the hedge knight with some wildling scout? And the new plot of course! Thanks!

Solaris 1

Will you change this deck after Wolves of the North is released?

ArtooFan 14

I love this deck and planning on using it at my regional this Saturday. I'm thinking of switching Ser Rodrik Cassel for the Blackfish, core Cat for WotN Cat, and Gates of Winterfell for Winterfell.

It is versatile and can do a lot of damage. I was tempted to put in a WotN Sansa and a couple milk of the poppies to blank her text.