I never BAMF! Wins again! - Västerås SC Winner(5-0)

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Buzz 504

Jump in, turn 'em sideways, win. Deck from Syd/Aaron just changed a card or two and plots.

[ http://i.imgur.com/ITrRE7b.jpg ]


TjLazer 13

Yeah this deck made my poor Greyjoys very sad and confused :-( Great player and a well deserved win.

jaypeedaylee 36

Good lord man, this is nutty! How do you pilot it? Roar or Family whenever you can for the big bodies? Are you looking to push for power or clear bodies with Clegane? I feel like it would run out of steam if you haven't gotten enough power early on but this concept is totally different and something I'm not used to seeing

Buzz 504

Picking the correct plot is very important. It's hard (for me) to describe how to play it. It can do so many things... Aaron or Syd can probably do it better. A new player wouldn't play it very well I feel. We have played it a bit on our stream, the vods are still up. There is some issues to transfer it to youtube but they will be up there soon aswell. I'll get Aaron or Syd on again to play it.

jaypeedaylee 36

Awesome I would love to see it played! Which stream is yours?

Buzz 504

Agotnordic on twitch and youtube. Seen you on before so I assumed you knew :)

jaypeedaylee 36

Ah yes! I wasn't tying the username and channel together, can't wait to see this in action and I enjoy your streams, keep up the awesome work!

Buzz 504

There, changed username ^_^

Tj13 151

Awesome deck Tried something similar today and despite the first loss against stark(due to some mistake, it's hard to pilot), I went very well winning the next 3 matches against targ bara and tyrell. I run also fealty instead of crossing, and changed a couple of plots, removing calling and heads, and adding sneak attack and first snow(as proxy) First snow of winter had an huge impact today, having been able to remove all dragons to kill a Kahl and a kof fatter removing left right and a couple of weenie knight. Again bravo for this awesome building

Buzz 504

@Tj13 Hey! First Snow is what I first had in mind when I built something similar, just waiting for it's release. It would fit this deck perfectly. Also I'm not the deckbuilder, it's Lucas Sydlaske from Cali that built it.

Heads was just a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing I put in that morning. I would probably play Confiscation, Clash or Filthy Accusations instead.

I really think LotC is a lot better than Fealty for this since both INBAMF and Shadowblack kneel your house card. LotC is also exactly what it needs to end the game quickly before you run out of cards and push through the important challenges against a big board. I also despise Sneak Attack, there are so many better plots out there. But probs for trying your own thing with the deck, good luck :)

ignacio 1

Hi Buzz. How would you adjust this deck with the new chapter pack cards? which plot would you replace with first snow and do you think the red cloaks fit in this deck?

Buzz 504

Not sure yet, I don't have the new cards yet :(

I will try a version tonight on Stream: -Wildfire +First Snow -Heads +Marched -Madames +Assassins Something like that. I will have a decklist posted in chat. 20 CET I will go live.

Katogamerguy 1

Any updates on the deck after the chapter pack and the big box.?