SC @Goblin Bologna (44 players): Winner (9-0)

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SC @Goblin Bologna (44 players): Winner (9-0) 0 0 0 1.0

Bayushi Sezaru 657

This deck, skillfully piloted by Ser Rimmok (aka Valerio Catellani), took the Store Championship played on march 13th, 2016 at Goblin in Bologna, Italy (I was the TO).

44 players jousting in 6 rounds of swiss, with a top8 cut.

The deck didn't drop a game: 6-0 in swiss and 3-0 in top8.

You can take a look at a few pictures taken during the event here:

Metagame breakdown: 13 Targaryen 11 Lannister 6 Greyjoy 4 Baratheon 3 Tyrell 3 Stark 2 Martell 2 Night's Watch


jaquen 50

Something amazing. 'Gratz Valerio!

hotpie 1

Wow! Is there a tourny report anywhere?

minokin 1

Great Job Valerio!

Corum89 47

I'd love a write up, but I would settle for an answer to two questions:

How crucial were the 3x The Hand's Judgment to victory?

Did Will's forced reaction ever get you into an uncomfortable situation?

aryun 1

Hello everyone, i'm Valerio Catellani, and this is the report of my tournament:

Turn 1: Lannister- Banner of the Sun ( Win) I found “The Wall” in early game, so i'm able to collect powers from round 2. My opponent found “Tywin, Tyrion and Jaime”, but fortunately not “Nymeria”. I can simple control his characters with my plot deck, but my opponent used “Tears of Lys” on “Old Bear Mormont”, and after “Ser Allister “ (My Aemon was knelt for defend intrigue challenge). At the final round my opponent tried to cancel The Wall's reaction with “Treachery”, but i'm able to cancel it with “The Hand's Judgment”.

Turn 2: Greyjoy- Banner of the Sun ( Win) I Set up “Benjen Stark”. my opponent (with “Asha”) can not win unopposed challenges. On round 2 i played “The Wall”, and put “Milk of the Poppy” on his “Nymeria”. Without unopposed challenge for him, the game is early won.

Turn 3: Baratheon Fealty (Win) An hard match. I found “The Wall” on round 1, but it was knelt until round 3 because of “Melisandre”. My opponent set up “The Red Keep”, and draws a lot of cards. He can win, but committed a mistake and i gained some time. After 2 round i completely controlled the board and after few plots i won the game.

Turn 4: Tyrell- Banner of the Lion (Win) It was an easy game. I saw everything! “The Wall” and “Old Bear Mormont” on first round, i defended every challenge and put my “Benjen Stark” for free (for Old bear reaction)! I found all 3 “Milk of the Poppy” and i can control his threats.

Turno 5: Tragaryen – Fealty (Win) A balanced match. My opponent saw “Daenerys, Khal drogo and Illyrio”, but fortunately none “Dracarys!”, so i can simply defend challenges and won the game( at the end of time) .

Turn 6: Lannister – Lord of The Crossing (Win) My opponent is super strong on first round. He has in play “Tywin, Tyrion, and Jaime”. Then he found “Ser Gregor” on round 2, and gains power faster than me with Renown and agenda. On round 4 he has 13 powers, but he reveals “A game of thrones”, and fortunately i reveal “Filthy accusation”, so i able to kneel “Tywin” and block his challenge phase. The i claim last two powers for “The Wall”.

Top 8: Gj – Fealty (Win ) I took “Benjen Stark” in my hand ( with a bad set up of 3 cards). But with him i can simply defend every challenge. My opponent tries to take unopposed challenge with “the kraken's grasp” but i have “The Hand's Judgment” for that. With my plot deck i can simple control his “Balon” and win.

Semi-Final: Stark – Fealty (Win ) It was an hard match. On round 2, my opponent revealed “Heads on Spikes” and discarded my “Benjen Stark”. Fortunately, i saw all 3 “Milk of the poppy”, so i can blanked his Renown and close the game.

Final: Targaryen – Banner of the Lion(Win ) I'm very strong on first round: i set up “The wall”, and after “Old Bear Mormont”. But my opponent has “Tyrion Lannister” and this is the biggest of my problems for the entire game. On round 2, my opponent uses “Tears of Lys” on “Old Bear Mormont” and kill him. Fortunately i found “Yoren” and take his “Jorah Mormont” from his discard pile. My opponent plays “Daenerys” on last round, but i defend Power challenge and win the game. Some final considerations: 1)My victories are 80% plot deck, and 20% deck. With this control plots you can simple shut down enemy threats and gain time. 2)”The Hand's Judgment” is very strong, for some reasons. First of all, you are able to collect gold in challenge phase with “Old forest Hunter”, so you can simple block a lot of strong events how: “Tears of Lys, Treachery, Kraken's grasp, Dracarys!, Confinement, The things i do for love and, We do not Sow.” 3)”Will” is very good. In 9 round, i only sacrificed 2 rangers ( 2 old forest hunters), but his stealth and insight is strong enough for that. 4)”Practice blade” is very, very good. Especially against Targaryen.

Thank you for your time. And if you have some questions, please ask me.

RDude 188

What are your thoughts about Sir Alisser Thorn? Isn't he a bit redundant with 3 practice swords and 2 syrio giving military to every non military charachter?

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Considering how weak The Nights Watch are at the moment compared to the usual same Tier 1 decks, I'm glad to see one actually manage to get a win. I take it the Practice Blade love is more for the military icon and not for the piddly Strength boost?

Do you do much attacking? Especially with Will? Will is one of those characters I hate, but want to like, I just find myself always been screwed by that horrible downside ability.

celric 404

Congrats on the win. Been so close with NW myself. Nice to see the faction get a big win.

Were there any cards you'd change after the tournament to make it even stronger?

Avelfaltazi 1

Hi congratulation for the win, I was wondering about "trading with the pentoshi" as you said wins come from plots deck, how do you use this plot ? Early in order to build a big board or later to recover if your board suffer from things such as varys or wildfire ?

thebjorn 7

@TheBrokenMeeplePractice Swords are also very good vs GJ as alot of their interactions do not work vs chars with attachments. You can also tailor strength to screw Balon. And of course the ambush trait makes it easy to defend against what otherwise would be "safe" challenges.

Rick IsLitFam 260

Awesome deck! I'm curious as to if you tried A Feast for Crows as a plot. It seems to go well with TNW.

lonewuhf 1

Against Bara fealty you mentioned your Wall was knelt due to Melisandre...Mel only kneels characters.

minokin 1

Due to Melisandre effect his char was knelt and he wasn't able to oppose all the challenges, i think.

akenathon80 1

@aryuncongrats for this deck, is awesome! what do you think about the new event "the watcher on the walls" (kneel two ranger to kill each attacking character..) seems to be a strong card for the deck(2x imo) but what to cut eventually?

muushupork 1

Remove old bear and add 2 watcher on the wall and a ser alliser?

holytispon 64

Very cool deck. Thanks for posting. Would be very curious to see how you update it with 'watchers on the walls'. Sounds to me like you wouldn't cut Old Bear, but what would you cut? Also, did you not find it hard to play him? Did you use Trading for that?

ForAiur 1

I really really don't understand how this deck can win 9 games ... I build this deck and got slaughtered over and over again by Lannister with bannered Martell.

One time an enemy had 6 guys out and this plot cards have nothing to kill his guys and all the characters are just "meh" and get slaughtered by the Hound, Jamie Lannister, etc.

I red all the descriptions here but ... can someone explain to me what I am missing?

ForAiur 1

Just to clarify what I meant, here is a screenshot of the game being played online:

celric 404

@ForAiur the meta has changed in the past two months, so you probably want to update the deck a little. For example, if you're having trouble keeping your characters alive, try swapping out a Will, and Unsworn, or a Vet Builder for a 3rd copy of Aemon. Maybe 1 copy of Here to Serve makes more sense than 2 Filthy Accusations for your playstyle.

jaquen 50

Netdecking is not a good way to evaluate decks, especially without considering the meta situation. Netdecking is not good at all, but this is another story.

Comeback 13

@aryun thank you for sharing this deck! I am fairly new to the game and so far have only a few more chapter packs than what was available when you assembled this deck. I have several decks built for me and my spouse to play against each other, but our Night's Watch deck kept rolling over and losing to everything else I had constructed. After seeing this decklist, I was able to adapt it into a deck that puts up a much better defense! I haven't tested enough to know how well it will do and I am nervous about having zero resets, but I will test it some more and it's definitely in a much better place than it had been! Thank you again!