AnaLannister: Regional @Goblin Bologna 2nd place (65 player)

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Bayushi Sezaru 645

Very strong aggro deck, and a great choice for the meta! Congrats for a great tournament! You should write a small tourney report.

Photos and metagame breakdown for the event can be found on Facebook:

Ser Luke Seawalkers 1

A very Bad deck!! Congrats Ser Skinki

Astinus 7

This deck is a piece of beuty: I am in love with the sheer brutality of Trial by Combat and a couple of turns with double claim.

While it seems to have a big weakness if you don't see neither Tywin nor Tyrion, this deck should be able to steamroll almost anything your opponent put in the board, it's awesome.

Congratulation on the result and thank you for sharing the decklist!

PS What do you think about Cersei's Wheelhouse? I think you would usually like to go first and having this card in play might make it harder to achieve

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Rather than saying "this is super strong" when it looks like every other Lannister deck out there (fair play they are the current op faction with Bara), maybe explain why this distinguishes itself?

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Biggest question is economy. If you don't draw your reducer chud/locations you're in trouble using Winter plots with low gold counts.

Markdrive82 119

Ciao - I saw the deck in action in Bologna and I found it really interesting and well equipped in the current meta (the winter plotline is a thing of beauty. The questions I have are: 1) how do you menage your marshalling given the low gold curves of your plot? 2) did you miss nightmare/hand's judgement 3) in light of the new chapter pack would you include any card (eg the rattleshield raiders to face ward)

Ser Skinki 100

Thanks to all for the compliments.

The deck is able to kill all the opposing characters from the early rounds putting a lot of pressure to the opponent. What, as you noted, is peculiar in respect to the usual Lannister is the choice of the plots: many plots to claim 2 and a reduced economy. A good set-up becomes crucial but the fact that it is not necessarily related to the presence in the field of Tywin or other "bigwigs" to implement the plan overkill makes everything quite simple. The Lannister’s location are unique because are not fundamental to the conduct of the game: they support the draw (where the engine is increased Pycelle) and allow an extra challenge (and with trial by combat real "holes in the ground").

The opening plot is generally the Famine, in order to lock the line opponent, and it’s followed by the first snow of winter to continue to force the opponent to keep a very limited number of characters on the field .... After I try to kill non-stop !!!

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Pycelle engine? You mean his one draw a turn IF he wins the challenge?

In Famine and First Snow though you've gained a total of 5 gold. Even with Famine out he's probably during setup/Turn 1 going to have a couple of bomb characters out especially if he played Noble Cause which is typical, so FSOW will take out maybe his chud reducers?

I don't quite get how you dominate the board with 5 gold worth people in 2 turns?

Constrictor 1

Meeple... you are forgetting fealty... 7 "gold" total.... That makes a huge difference. Still low but a very noticeable difference. 3 resources to use turn 1 and 4 resources to use turn 2 with 2 claim. I feel that I would run noble cause turn 1 and then proceed to wreck face with 2 claim challenges but I havent played the deck

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Maybe, but there aren't many Fealty targets for characters, more so for events.

Opti 1

How does this deck not auto lose to Bara?