Raiders, Thieves & Old Men

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What is dead, Marches to the Wall! 104 80 41 1.0
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Raiders, Thieves & Old Men (HJG Version) 0 0 0 1.0
Raiders, Thieves & Old Men 1 0 0 2.0

Tathagata 51

I'm trying to update Kidohearts' brilliant deck 'What is Dead, Marches to the Wall!'. Needs playtesting and will definitely go through some changes to focus it a little more.

The idea with this deck is to wipe the board with Varys when your opponent builds up renown, steal unique characters from their discard pile with Yoren, stop their economy, make them discard by lowering their reserve and get that sweet unopposed claim by using stealth and the fishing nets on the few characters they have left.

Be warned, decks like this make the game go on forever and generally make your opponent hate you!


Crabshack101 7

@Tathagata Have you played this in a competitive environment at all? Are you playing Melee or Joust? I like the idea of it based on how you describe it but I want to know more about its success!

Tathagata 51

@Crabshack101 I'm only playtesting it and tweaking it right now, and it's for Joust. I played the original deck in a tournament and went 3-1 with it I think. Have already swapped out a few cards but I'll test this more before publishing a new version. Will play it in a tournament in London in July and see how it does.

The order of the plots is key here and you can really mess people up if you get it right!

BergerFett 7

im interested to see an update to the what is dead marches on the wall decks when all the testing is done. i like both GJ and NW but have been unsuccessful in combining the 2.