June 4 Sacramento Regional Winner

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June 11 Vancouver, WA Regional Second Place 1 0 3 1.0
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Maximus 100

This is the deck that won the Sacramento, CA regional at the beginning of June. link to the tournament: http://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/107

round 1: martell lion (L) round 2: martell rose (W) round 3: martell lion (W) round 4: targsryen lion (W) round 5: martell lion (W)

top 8: Alejandro's Lanni Dragon I was very unhappy to be playing him in anything but the finals. He is the primary person that I talk to about decks and he knew my list. I flopped a Jaime and 2 chuds to his mirri and a chud. i opened naval and he opened calling the banners (not surprising since he knew about my naval) but I had a treachery for his Kingsroad and he couldnt quite climb into the game. i think i let him kill my jaime by not putting a bodyguard on him for some stupid reason but the cards i drew were good and his were less good. gotta love dat lannister mirror since i won even tho i played worse.

top 4: Jason's Bara Rose not much tonsay about this game. i tjink i flopped tywin (honestly cant remember) and then i opened naval to his summons. cancelled his kingsroad with a treachery and had tears on the future turns for KoF and Barristan so it was not a very exciting game. The one thing that I want to say about this game is that I was taking forever to PCI my first plot and he made a comment asking the lines of "i always open calm" probably as a joke but it convinced me that he wasn't going to open with it so i finally was able to decide on naval.

top 2: Brooks' Lanni Wolf apparently this deck is good; who would have thought? we were the only 2 that played it also. this game was pretty close for a while and went to 8 plots i think. i cant remember who got tywin first but i outplayed him with my plots after we both did. if he isnt milked its okay to just hoard gold if you dont have any bombs to play. i had a ptts since my tywin was too big and i had other guys to push it through. i cant remember if i had gregor vs him or if i did i dont think he hit (story of my life but i dont have the right to actually complain) and his gregor took out eddard (got hit by lys that turn too and i think that happened before i killed tywin).

Overall thoughts on the deck: Naval was good and even tho I whiffed multiple times in swiss, tywin made it so i could still play things. vs Alejandro it was not great since he ended uo with more gold than me even tho naval hit. vs jason it won me the game so it had its time. i would not run it again just so i dont have to stress over if i should use it or not. i dont think i ever saw jory and might cut him for a copy of ward but without marched in the plot deck to get rid of the warded character im not sure if that would be good. the rest of the plots were correct i think, but fsow can be swapped for something else like marched, wildfire, summons, etc. i could probably go down to 1 ilyn but hes really good vs dragons, the hound, bran, areo (no fsow to save you bitch!), etc. so i feel that i would still want 2.


Bronson 117

Nicely done, Michael! Congrats on the Sac victory and first runner up at Portland! I love that you ran Naval... always find myself looking to play it in a tourney deck but I've been chickening out recently. Your comment on the stress it gives made me LOL too since I can relate! And I'm late to the Fast Eddie party... I've always been a fan of Defenddard but man that 1 fewer gold, 1 extra strength and rush element really tips the scales. Your success further proves it!

Maximus 100

Ya. Tbh that Edward never impressed me much at 7. Can't justify him since I already have 5 characters at that spot and lannister (Gregor) is everywhere. That's one of the reasons I prefer this build to Lanni Dragon. Having Bran also gives a little more cancel to the toolkit. Play Dragon if you want more character control, Stark if you want cancel, and Kraken if you want saves. Either way you should always banner Lannister to get the extra chance of the Tywin setup. You won a more impressive regional tho, and more importantly proved that Kraken is still a good banner for Lannister.

Bronson 117

Fast Eddie is the absolute right call. And did I say Portland? I meant Washington! Yeah I noticed you had Bran and Bodyguards but I had Iron Mines and Hand's Judgments. The shipwrights and newly made are also money against Martell which is surging in popularity. And hey don't cut yourself short... regional win is a regional win! By the way I don't know if you heard but I wouldn't have qualified for the cut if I didn't do some Trading with Pantoja - apparently 5 of my card sleeves had an ever so slight dimple and although they were an assortment of locs, chars, and an event I still had to either buy new sleeves or replace the ones they cited. Khalejandrogo to the rescue! Haha... luckily he had the same sleeves and some spares handy. Keep up the good work, man!

Maximus 100

Ya Alex told me. Yet another reason that FFG should stop letting that guy run the big events on SoCal. I've been hearing questionable things about that store for years.