New deck: House Tyrell, Banner of the Dragon

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Captain 14

Here is my version of a Tyrell rush deck. I chose the Banner of the Dragon for what I perceive is a decent amount of synergy with Tyrell. First off, the Handmaiden are cheap characters that I can use to defend a challenge and sacrifice later to stand either Margaery Tyrell or The Queen of Thorns. It is also good anti Baratheon tech with all of their kneel going around. Ser Jorah Mormont is a cheap renown character that is going to help with the gold curve and with setup. I don’t care if I have to sacrifice him early at all. Unsullied are a bit expensive but my hope is that they can help create a gap to win by 5 Strength that I need to trigger The Mander and Superior Claim and strength debuff seems to work in conjuction with Tyrell’s strength buff cards. Braided Warrior is a cheap chump block/Claim soak character to help with the Gold curve.

Why I chose Tyrell over Greyjoy for this deck. I do think that overall Greyjoy is the better rush house in the core set but I feel like Tyrell offers some unique advantages that can benefit my gameplan. Olenna’s Cunning being loyal means it can’t be ported and this card is really very good. It can get me superior claim, tears of lys if it is appropriate or just a big body that I can hopefully cheat into play with QoT. Secondly, Tyrell has a much bettter economy and thus I am less reliant on Plot Gold to play my big bruisers which allows me to play lower gold plots that can have an overall bigger impact on the board state. Tyrell has some built in Stand effects with Randyll Tarly even after he has been knelt by my opponent. Lastly Olenna’s Informant informant is just such a versatile card that can be used on the turn you play A Clash of Kings for an unexpected power grab to win the game or to initiate a second military challenge if observe that my opponent is vulnerable.

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