"95% Idiot-Proof" Lannister/Wolf - Origins 2nd, GenCon 4th

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hattrickflyer 379

Here's the deck I used to turn around my poor regional luck and do much better than I expected at both Origins and GenCon. I call it "95% Idiot-Proof" because the decisions you make are usually pretty easy to get correct, and the deck has so many power cards and answers that even when you make a mistake, oftentimes you still win easily.

In 21 games total across the two conventions I only played three opponents who weren't playing either Lannister or Banner of the Lion - Nathan's Stark Fealty in the Origins finals, Greyjoy Fealty in round seven of the GenCon Swiss, and my poor Bara Fealty opponent in the t8 at GenCon, who go the worst draw in history (set up two characters, had no other characters to play after nine cards).

All the combos in the deck are simple. You play a better character than your opponent almost every single turn - in fact, of my five losses in those 21 games, three came from not seeing any of the plethora of big characters on turns two and three. Drop big guys, kill people with events, cancel events with Bran and abilities with Treachery. It's that straightforward. Very easy to board-wipe via a First Snow, Ambushed character, and then a Marched the next turn, too.

The most common deck I played against was Martell/Lion, and this deck has a lot of easy answers to Nymeria. Get her off the board and it's pretty much game over for them. Rattleshirt's Raiders are a 3-of partly for that matchup, and partly because I think every single tournament deck right now should be running 3x Milk. Raiders will be even better now that Craven is joining the environment. I was only 2-2 against Lanni/Dragon, so you can call that a weakness, but one of the losses was to getting both my Mountain and my Tyrion hit by his Tickler - if Lanni/Dragon does that consistently, I suppose it's a bad matchup for me!

Anyway, thanks to all my opponents for the games, especially my incredible game against Chris in the GenCon t4 which should be posted at some point. I'm looking forward to not having to play decks to win events so I can go back to Greyjoy/Stag.


Davemcc 1

I really like this list, especially the plot deck. Ive been on the fence of which deck I want to run at my next tournament, either this list, or Lanni LotC. I am curious about a couple card choices tho. Has the one of Janos Slynt worked out (he is a one of in my LotC and never proven effective, been thinking of Syrio as replacement) ? Also have you thought of replacing the 3 Milks with 3 Nightmares (Ive found that i kill characters a lot so Milks felt redundant, plus there's been many games that I had Tyrion and Milk in hand, with only 5 gold)? And last question is......why no Arya?

Acudogon 1

Nice deck.Think you may add some draws?

hattrickflyer 379

@DavemccJanos of course was a recent add. I only got him out in maybe three games at the tournament, but he was very good in two of them. Being able to Intimidate off an Intrigue challenge to set up your military challenge can be solid. He was the only thing really that kept me from getting blown out against Chris in the top 4, since I didn't see anyone big besides him and Tywin until t5.

As for Nightmares, I just don't like the card. It can be a nice surprise but as a one-shot it simply feels underpowered to me. Maybe the difference in our plot decks is why I rarely felt a problem playing Milk - also, Tyrion seems to show up less frequently than he should given that he's a 3x!

A couple of other people have asked me about the lack of Arya. 3G is a very weird slot for the deck in setups (the same reason there's no Pycelle). She's a perfectly solid card for the deck and if Rattleshirt's was more common I could totally see running her instead of Ward.

@AcudogonI think the new Lannister draw card they just previewed will definitely be a 2x. I don't like Counting Coppers because it feels like people build their decks as if they always have Tywin in play, unMilked - I built as if I'd never see him. It does run 2x Littlefinger to draw cards. If anything you could probably play a second Close Call over Calm in order to get the draw out of that.