Lannister Banner Dragon- 2016 NAC Championship Winner

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imrahil327 124

This is the deck that I piloted to a win at the 2016 NAC Championship, over a field of 221 people. It went 7-2 in Swiss. For more detailed game reports, check out my tournament report:


C3gorach 55

Congrats on a hard earned win! I do have a questions though if you don't mind giving some insight on the deck. :) Apart from Grand Maester Pycelle and Summons you don't have any card draw. Did you find that detrimental on your games?

imrahil327 124

YES! Oh goodness yes. I wished for Coppers a lot during the tournament. But really, there isn't a good spot for it- you don't want it INSTEAD of Summons, you need your money to play the monsters, you need reset and Confiscation. Winds is the only spot where I'd consider it, but even there, the 2 claim and Winter traits come in handy.

C3gorach 55

How about 1xLittlefinger who also sports a power icon and maybe 1xLannisport? Also in this "controlish" deck archetype don't you think some The Hand's Judgment could help protect your bombs? Also how often did you find yourself flipping Calling the Banners first in fear of Naval Superiority? Wouldn't Calm Over Westeros be a better meta option? Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)

imrahil327 124

A Littlefinger and/or a Lannisport are interesting ideas that I'd definitely consider. I liked my complete non-reliance on locations to blank any incidental hate people might have, but a miser's copy would be an interesting inclusion.

I opened Calling 3 times through the tournament, all due to Naval, and none of them actually got Navaled. The one time I did successfully get Navaled I had opened Summons. I didn't expect to see as much Naval as was there, so it was more of a "what do I do if I accidentally run up against one" than "what should I do to answer this common meta card." I'd keep Calling, I think. Calm is kind of a miserable plot. Summer Harvest might be interesting in that spot now but Calling's reserve is real nice.

I don't love HJ right now, I feel like the Nightmares/Treachery/Milk package answers enough of the things I'd care about, and HJ is a reactive card that sits in hand more often than the others. This deck is often hellbent, since as you pointed out there isn't much draw, so holding on to an 'answer' card is not as attractive as something that I can use to get at least a little value out of if it's gonna get discarded.

gemofthrones 7

hi chris! congrats on your win! Finally its here! I tried to figure out your deck by watching Rob St johns video on youtube, I would like to know what are your thoughts not having marched to the wall and/or adding wildfire assault on your deck? :)

ironlix 1

Congrats! Glad to see Mance Rayder in your champion deck. It's probably one of the most underrated in the current meta.

suf 1

I wonder what is Viserion for. There are no Stormborn characters in the deck.

imrahil327 124

I needed a 12th banner card. I wanted it to be a character, a power icon, and probably one on the lower end of the curve since the deck has so many monsters. When the plot deck had First Snow, that slot was an Unsullied.